How To Fix A Blender That Won’t Turn On?

A blender is one of the most common kitchen appliances. Like any other electric appliance, it may start showing certain problems due to heavy usage or prolonged use.

After a certain period of time, it may even stop working completely. If the same thing happens to your blender, what to do then? Will you replace it instantly? Hold a bit.

If it isn’t damaged, you can fix it by following some tips. This article is about fixing a blender that won’t turn on.

What to Do If Your Blender Won’t Turn On?

If your blender is not working correctly or stopped working completely, there could be many reasons for it. You don’t have much to be worried about.

Sometimes it doesn’t work for a silly reason, most commonly for loose connections. So, before buying a new one or hiring a repair professional, you can do some simple tasks independently.

Now the question is, what will you do? Well, let’s move forward to get the job done.

Troubleshoot Your Blender that doesn’t Turn on

Firstly, you have to figure out the fault. If you can identify the problem, then you can fix that too. Check the power connection, fuse, base, and motor step by step to determine the fault.

Check the Power Connectivity

First of all, check the power cable.  It can be damaged for some reasons like a shot, over-voltage, prolonged use, etc.

Sometimes it seems to be ok from the outside, but it’s actually unserviceable inside. Use a tester or multimeter to check the cable. If you find the cable unserviceable, then you have to replace it.

Usually, the power cord of a blender is attached to the circuit board inside the base. So, you have to remove the bottom cover of the base. You can replace the power cabler by following a few steps.

Step 1

Place it in a dry and suitable place and disconnect it from all power sources before doing this repair.

Step 2

Remove the cover of the base using the appropriate tools. Improper tools may damage the screws.

Step 3

You can use a soldering iron to solder off the power cable or cut it with a wire cutter. After that, solder the new cable in the exact location where the previous one was soldered.

Step 4

Place the base safely, then engage the power cable with a power source. If it is ok, then put the cover on. Congratulations, you have done it!

If the power cable is ok, but it is still not working, check the switches. To do that, you need to have a multimeter.

Disconnect the power, then place the two probes of the multimeter on two switch terminals. Then press the switch to the ON position.

If the meter shows a low reading, then the switch is ok. On the other hand, if the meter shows no reading or infinite value, then the switch is unserviceable. You have to replace it.

Check the Fuse

Check the Fuse
Check the Fuse

The blender won’t turn on if the fuse is unserviceable or burnt. So, you need to check whether the fuse is faulty.

Usually, the fuse is located at the place in the circuit board where the power cable is connected. So, you have to open the base cover to test the fuse. Let’s do the job step by step.

Step 1

Open the cover of the base using the appropriate tools.

Step 2

Test the fuse with a multimeter. Place the two probes of the multimeter with the two sides of the fuse, then see the reading. The fuse is open if the multimeter shows high or infinite reading.

On the other hand, the reading will be zero or close to zero in the case of a serviceable one.

Step 3

If you find the fuse faulty, replace it with the serviceable one. Before replacing, ensure it has the same value as the previous one.

Check & Clean the Base

Blender Base
Check & Clean the Base

If it doesn’t turn on, you should also check the base. The base contains all the electrical parts. The switches and other controlling knobs are located at the base.

If the base becomes damaged for some reason and can’t activate the switches, you have to change it. This is very easy to replace. Unscrew the blades, then place them into the new one.

Sometimes you may find that a switch or knob isn’t working correctly. It may happen because of the dust. So, always keep the base neat and clean.

If you know the easiest way of cleaning a blender, then it will be a piece of cake for you.

Check the Motor

Usually, the motor serves for a long time if you use your blender correctly. Sometimes the motor may become unserviceable within a couple of months or years. Even if it can happen within days, this is unfortunate.

If it stops working, you can test the motor with a multimeter.

Unplug it from the power source. Clipping the meter probes to the plug prongs, press the speed switch, and follow the meter reading.

If the meter shows a low reading, then the motor is supposed to be ok. On the other hand, if the meter shows infinite readings, then the motor is faulty.

If you want to replace it, you can check out some of the best blenders available on the market.

How to Replace the Motor?

If you find the motor faulty, you have to replace it. Instead of changing the whole unit, you can change the motor. It will save you money.

Though replacing the motor is an advanced-level job, you can do the job on your own. If you have certain tools, you just need to follow a few steps.

Step 1

Unplug it from the power source. Unscrew the bottom cover using the appropriate tools. Remove the inner cover also if it has any.

Step 2

Open all the screws, then pull out the motor carefully. Before doing this, take a picture of it because it may help you later to set up the new one.

Step 3

Desolder the wires with a soldering iron. You may have to cut the wires, but mostly it depends on the model.

Step 4

Place the new one at the exact point where the previous one was installed. Solder the wires where they are supposed to be.

Step 5

Put on all the covers where they were before. Plug it with the power source and give a test run.

How to Fix a Blender Blade?

How to Fix a Blender BladeUsually, the blades become weak or blunt and jammed over time. The main cause of this is the debris in the blades. So, clean the blades after every use.

This happens to all blades because the blades do the most crucial part, which a blender usually does.

If the blades don’t spin as much as they should, you can fix that by following some easy and simple steps.

Step 1

Detach the blade assembly very carefully. Don’t injure yourself by doing this insecurely.

Step 2

Submerge the blades in the mixer of warm water and dish soap for half an hour.

Step 3

Scrub the blades with a toothbrush. Be careful about doing this part. Otherwise, you may injure yourself.

Step 4

After cleaning, dry it using paper or rags. Then lubricate it. You can use white grease to do this. The blade should spin freely without any problem. If so, then the blade is ready to go.

Step 5

When everything is ok, then reinstall the blades. Clean the place where the blades are to be installed.

Safety Features of a Blender

Safety Features of a BlenderThe blender is one of the ultimate partners of your kitchen. Like any other electronic device, it has some safety features.

If you follow them, you will get consistent service for a long time. We highly recommend following them strictly. The manufacturer also suggests the same.

  • The base contains all the electrical parts, so never submerge it in water. If you do so, you may damage your partner.
  • Be very careful while handling the blades. During manual cleaning, take extra precautions. Otherwise, you can injure yourself.
  • Don’t overfill the blending jar. Surely, you don’t want to create a mess.
  • Never put your fingers inside the jar when it is in operation.
  • Keep the base dry and clean. You can use a damp rag to clean the base.
  • Don’t put hot liquids into the jar. Before doing this, ensure the jar can handle the hot liquids. Otherwise, it may harm your partner.
  • Place it on a dry, level, and stable surface.
  • Don’t put anything tough like ice without knowing your unit’s capability.
  • Unplug it before doing the maintenance or any repair job.
  • Always keep an eye while it’s doing the blending job.
  • Before using it, initially go through the user manual provided by the manufacturer.
  • Finally, clean it after every use.

Final Words

Hopefully, our guide was helpful for you, and you have gathered some knowledge on how to fix a blender that won’t turn on. If you can utilize that knowledge, you may find out what has happened to your kitchen partner.

Don’t give up until you’re sure that it is totally gone. If it’s gone, then go for the new one. You can always visit our website to learn about the powerful blenders of different brands.

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