Are Cast Iron Tea Kettles Safe? (Pros, Cons & FAQs)

Do you love the traditional designed cast iron tea kettles? If you do, then you might be worried about health issues. So, your curious mind may want to know whether cast iron tea kettles are safe or not. The answer is unconditional Yes.

If you’re seeking the answer in detail, you’re in the right place because this article is about these units’ benefits. To make your purchase appropriate, we also included the disadvantages.

Benefits of a Cast Iron Tea Kettle
Benefits of a Cast Iron Tea Kettle

Benefits of a Cast Iron Tea Kettle

Like every other material, cast iron also has its own set of benefits. Well, no more delay, let’s know what are they.

Safe for Health

In our daily life, we use many appliances having smart features that make our life easy and enjoyable. When choosing any appliance, the safety feature plays a vital role.

Is it healthy or not? This is the most frequently asked and common question in the case of a kitchen appliance. Consequently, the same question arises for a kettle, and that is applicable to any materials.

The cast-iron kettles are totally safe for health. Before using, ensure that it’s empty and no dust inside. Moreover, don’t leave water or tea inside it for a long time.

The most important thing you need to keep this unit dry and clean always. Otherwise, the rust can ruin it. Even the rust can mix up with your water.

So, if you follow the safety precautions correctly, the chance of mixing toxins with your water is zero.


Several types of materials made kettles are available on the market. The most common types are stainless steel, aluminum, and cast iron. By now, you’re confused about which one will last long, am I right?

These three materials are durable, but no other material lasts as long as cast iron. Do you have anything on your house that is made of cast iron? If you have any, then you might have an idea about the longevity of this material.

It doesn’t break down easily, even if it falls on the surface accidentally. The scenario could be different in the case of any other materials.

Consistent Performance

These units are a top choice for tea lovers around the world. Though these units have a long history, this is still in the race in the age of modern science and technology.

Without performance, nothing can live for decades. So, there is no confusion with the consistency of these units. If you take care, it will serve you for years, I guarantee.

Better Heat Distribution

In the case of distributing heat, both the cast iron and the stainless steel are very close. But cast iron has a reputation for heating water evenly.

The evenly heating process helps to extract maximum flavour from the tea leaves. As a result, a flavour developed inside the kettle. Who doesn’t love to drink a cup of naturally flavoured tea? What about you?

Beautiful Design

When buying something new, everyone wants to buy the beautiful one. Beautiful design matters in the case of any appliance. But it becomes mandatory when it comes to kitchen appliances. The tea kettle or teapot isn’t an exception.

These units are available in unique and attractive designs. You will love the beautiful and traditional Japanese design. When your friends visit you, it could be a conversation starter.

Retain Heat

How will it be if your kettle retains heat for half an hour? No doubt it would be great. Now the question is, how is it possible? Yes, this is possible in the case of cast iron only.

This material retains heat longer than any other material. No matter if you switch off your stove, it will retain heat for your further enjoyment. So, you can enjoy a hot cup of tea even after half an hour without heating again.

Stovetop Safe

Everything could go in vain if your kettle doesn’t suit the stove you have. Surely, you aren’t going to buy a stove separately for it. So, you need to buy the one that suits your stove.

Do you have a wood-burning stove and want to buy a kettle? Without a second thought, you just pick the one that is made of cast iron. Now the question is, why? Ok, let’s get it.

These units are the best type of kettle for a wood-burning stove. This is compatible with any heating source like gas or electricity. Even you can use it on a direct fire like a campfire.

Cons of a Cast Iron Kettle

  • It is a weighty material that makes the kettle heavy.
  • It can rust if you don’t follow the instructions from the manufacturer.
  • Doesn’t come with a great capacity.
  • The dust easily stuck to the body. So it requires regular cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

While seeking a teapot or kettle, several queries may arise in your mind, so to back you up, we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions here. Keep reading. Who knows, you may get the answer you’re looking for.

Can you use a cast-iron kettle on glass top stoves?

The answer is a big Yes. It is suitable for glass stoves and any kind of stoves. If you have a glass-top stove and want a kettle, you can buy one made of cast iron. For sure, it will not fail you.

Are cast iron kettles dishwashers safe?

No, they aren’t dishwasher-safe. You can ask, why? This material takes much time to build up a non-stick surface. If you use detergent or any other cleaning agent, then it will strip away that natural coating. As a result, rust can easily attack the surface.

Now the question is, what will you use for cleaning it? The answer is nothing. Use freshwater only to clean it.

Is there any difference between a teapot and a tea kettle?

Though they look similar, there are some differences between them. The main difference is in what they are used. The teapots are used for brewing or pouring tea.

On the other hand, the kettles are used for boiling water. You can use boiled water to make tea, coffee, or other things.

Final Words

Hopefully, our guide on “Are cast iron tea kettles safe?” was helpful for you. Surely you know these kettles’ benefits, cons, and other aspects by now.

Thanks for your visit, and have a nice day!

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