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Best Container For Brining Turkey In 2022 (Top 10 Picks)

Best Container For Brining Turkey
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When it comes to brining a turkey, there are a variety of containers and bags that can be used. The best container for brining a turkey will depend on your preference and the amount of brine you want to use.

For example, if you are looking for a brining container that is easy to use and clean, a plastic container will work perfectly. You can also use brining bags instead of containers. However, you will have to keep a close watch on the bags so that they do not leak.

It can be hard to choose the best one from thousands of options. So, we’ve put together a list of the 7 brining containers and 3 best brining bags to make your task easier. Alright, let’s start here.

A Quick Comparison Chart of Top 3 Brining Containers and Bags

Best Overall

The Briner Brining Container

  • Two 22 & 8qt Container

  • Made of Food-Grade Plastic

  • Easy to Clean

Budget Friendly

Rubbermaid Commercial Container

  • 22 qt Capacity

  • Made of Polycarbonate

  • Heat Resistant from -40º to 212º F 

Best Brining Bag

Kenley Fermentation Crock

  • Two Extra Large Bags

  • Double Track Zippers

  • 40 lbs Loading Capacity

7 Best Containers for Brining Turkey

In this section, we will talk about each of our selected turkey brine containers in detail like product quality, capacity, and many other related things. No more time waste let’s go in deep.

The Briner – The Ultimate Brine Container

The Briner - The Ultimate Brine ContainerWhile brining a turkey, we usually face a floating problem. This bucket has an internal locking system that ensures that the foods are submerged completely. So, you will get consistent results every time. This feature makes it one of the most effective briners out there.

You have nothing to worry about even if you are new to brining. It has a user-friendly and innovative design that makes it simple to use and easy to clean.

This unit is made of high-quality food-grade plastic, which is BPA-free. So you can use it without worrying about any health issues.

If you’re looking for a versatile bucket, it could be the best deal for you. You will be happy to know that you can brine multiple food items like chicken, French fries, calamari, shrimp, and corn on the cob here.

What do you think about the capacity? There are two packages with different sizes of containers. One package has two pots (22 & 8 quarts), and another one has three pots (22, 8 & 3.5 quarts). The 22 quarts can hold your whole chicken or an entire day’s catch of fish.


  • Internal locking ensures no floating inside the pot.
  • User-friendly and versatile.
  • Made of BPA-free food-grade plastic.


  • Absorbs color so quickly from spices.
  • The body is a little thin.


Overall, this would be a perfect soldier for your kitchen. You can easily use it for 3- years if you can maintain it properly.

Rubbermaid Commercial Space Saving Container

Rubbermaid Commercial Space Saving ContainerAre you looking for a space-saving turkey brining container? If so then this container from “Rubbermaid Commercial Products” would be a good option for you.

Usually, the square shape bucket store up to 25% more on a shelf than on a round shape one and provide your busy kitchen with compact storage.

The implementation of polycarbonate materials here has made it very durable and break-resistant. This transparent pot allows you to monitor and observe what’s happening inside it.

This unit comes with a capacity of 22 quarts that is enough to brine your whole turkey at a time. You will be surprised to know that it’s heat resistant to temperatures between -40 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

The FDA-compliant materials ensure no mixing of toxins with your food. The dishwasher-safe smooth surface allows easy cleanup. Durable and integrated handles allow easy transportation from here to there.


  • Space-saving square shape.
  • Made of Poly-carbonate materials.
  • Great temperature tolerance range.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Doesn’t come with a lid.


Though this unit doesn’t come with a lid, you can buy it separately. Except for this, you will not find any other cons here. In a word, it would be a wise pick for your daily needs.

5 Gallon Bucket Liner Bags for Marinating and Brining

5 Gallon Bucket Liner Bags for Marinating and BriningMore often than not, we remain concerned about the leaks of our containers for brining. This bucket from PBkay is one of the ideal ones in the market for it is leakproof built.

This unit is made of high density and heavy-duty food-grade plastic with a wet load capacity of 50 lbs and 75 lbs of dry load capacity. The 2 ml thickness ensures the durability of this product. You can easily use it for years if you take care of it regularly.

Apart from this, the BPA-free material prevents the mixing of toxins with your foods. It comes with a capacity of 22 quarts which is more than enough for processing a whole turkey at a time.

Its simple structure makes it user-friendly and it offers easy cleanup. Besides brining you can marinate large cuts of meat, seafood, and poultry.


  • Made of heavy-duty material.
  • Has a great capacity.
  • User-friendly and BPA-free.
  • Easy to clean


  • You can get a little smell of plastic.


Like every other product, it’s not out of cons but overall it would be a good choice. You can use it for years and it not fail you.

Xsourcer 5 Gallon Bucket Liner Bags for Brining Turkey

Xsourcer 5 Gallon Bucket Liner Bags for Brining TurkeyAre you searching for a heavy-duty brining bucket? If so, this bucket from “Xsourcer” could be a good option for you. The 5-gallon liner bags are 4 ml thick, with a wet load capacity of 50 lbs and a dry load capacity of 75 lbs.

Each liner bag is made of high-density polyethylene, making them extremely durable. In addition, they are 100 percent leakproof. Finally, this unit is made of food-grade and BPA-free material, so there is no chance of mixing toxins with your food.

It has 22 quarts of capacity, which is more than enough for a turkey or other things you need to brine. For the best results, don’t use two bags at a time.

You will be happy to know that bringing or marinating is just a piece of cake with this bucket. You can easily marinate large cuts of your meat, seafood, and poultry. Apart from this, you can use it as food storage to keep your food fresh when it isn’t in use.

“Xsourcer” has a reputation for making user-friendly equipment. The same goes for this bucket which ensures hassle-free cleanup.


  • Made of high quality and heavy-duty material.
  • Has a great capacity.
  • Hassle-free cleanup.
  • Long-lasting


  • Some users complained that the bags split on the bottom.


Though some users found the leakage issue, it’s totally unfortunate. It could be a manufacturing defect in these bags. We assure you that if you buy this unit, it will be a reliable partner for your kitchen.

PBKay 5 Gallon Bucket Liner Bags for Marinading and Brining

PBKay 5 Gallon Bucket Liner Bags for Marinading and BriningAs you’re looking for a brining bucket, you will need a liner and enough space inside it. The 5-gallon bucket liner bags by “PBKay” would be an ideal option for you. The price of this product is comparatively low, and you will not get a better option than this one at this price.

The heavy-duty material is used to ensure longevity. Though the body of this bucket seems a bit thin, it will not break easily. Of course, after buying this product, you could be unhappy with the thin construction. But we are assuring that you’ve nothing to worry about even if you use it regularly.

Apart from this, it’s made of food-grade and BPA-free material, so your food will be toxins-free. With 22 quarts of capacity, you can easily brine or marinate a big chicken. It comes with a 25 lbs wet load capacity and 50 lbs dry load capacity. However, it’s less compared to many other buckets.


  • Has got a good storage capacity.
  • Made of high-quality material.
  • Handling is very easy here.


  • Built is a thin one.


Overall, this incredible bucket would be a great addition to your kitchen for effortless brining or marinating a large quantity of meat.

Rubbermaid Commercial Food Storage Box

Rubbermaid Commercial Food Storage BoxThis is another wholesome product from Rubbermaid. This container is made of high-quality polycarbonate, which withstands the long-term impact, stain, heat, and chemicals. In addition, the crystal-clear pot allows you to monitor the cooking progress.

The rectangle shape space-saving box is extremely durable and delivers consistent performance. In addition, the accurate read (quarter) and blue (liter) measurement gradation simplifies measurement and portioning.

This unit has a capacity of 20 quarts, which is enough for brining. While not in use, it could be a compact storage. Moreover, it comes with a food storage box which gives its users great flexibility.

The whole unit is dishwasher and freezer safe. The super-smooth interior and the round corners don’t allow any food particles to stick with the body. Moreover, cleaning this pot is so easy.
Since this pot is made of completely BPA-free materials, there is no chance of missing toxins with your food elements.

With lasting and incorporated handles, you can transport it from the stand to the table without excessive stress.


  • Made of high-quality material.
  • Brining operation is quick here.
  • Sidewalls are well built.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Handling is a bit tough due to weight.


This is a perfect buy for those who want to brine in a large quantity for guests and gatherings. Despite a con here and there, we will recommend you buy this great deal as one of the best turkey brining containers.

Belinlen 25 Pack 5 Gallon Bucket Liner Bags for Marinating and Brining

Belinlen 25 Pack 5 Gallon Bucket Liner Bags for Marinating and BriningThis bucket could be the last on our list, but there is nothing to underestimate its effectiveness in bringing and marinating. This incredible unit is made of high-quality food-grade material.

The extra heavy-duty construction ensures no leakage and no spilling. The 2 ml thick body will not break down easily, even if you’re a regular user. If you take care of this bucket, it will serve you for years.

It has a capacity of 5 gallons, and it contains 25 bags per pack for marinating and brining a large quantity of meat. When it isn’t in use, it could be great food storage to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh.

Are you serious about health issues like me? Say goodbye to these issues as it’s made of BPA-free material that ensures your food is free from toxins. In addition, hassle-free cleaning makes this bucket more user-friendly.


  • Made of heavy-duty material.
  • Versatile.
  • BPA free.
  • Hassle-free cleanup.


  • Sometimes the bags leak.


Though some users have complained about the leakage issue, this is unexpected. This could happen for manufacturing faults.

3 Best Brining Bags for Turkey

Similar to the containers, turkey brine bags are also reliable and easy to use. If you’re looking for brining tool at a lower price, these bags could be an ideal option. So, let’s get started. 

New and Improved Liquid Solution Turkey Brining Bags

New and Improved Liquid Solution Turkey Brining BagsWho doesn’t want to buy a quality product? I think everyone. When it comes to brine bags, the quality comes first. In the case of huge quantity brining, the poor quality bags cannot bear the turkey and the liquid load.

The bag from “Liquid Solution” is one of the most popular brine bags available because of its versatility and top-notch quality. This package has two extra-large bags having widened bottoms. In addition, these bags are made of food-grade BPA-free material that ensures no mixing of toxins with your food.

The double-track zippers are very handy in securing your food from any leakages. The two removable zipper clips make the closing and opening function easier than easy. Apart from this, two 18-inch long strings of twine are very effective for trussing the meat.

Both the bags can accommodate 25 pounds of meat at a time. The heavy-duty thick bag will secure your food from leakage, tears, or rips. You can also marinate the meat in this bag.


  • Versatile and user-friendly.
  • Capable of heavy brining.
  • Made of BPA-free material.


  • Not happy with the zipper quality. 


These bags are capable of handling effortless brining. Moreover, you can use the bags for storing foods in the refrigerator.

Extra Large  Turkey Brine Bag

Extra Large  Turkey Brine BagIf you’re the one who frequently arranges thanksgiving turkey dinner parties with your friends and family, you surely need a piece of brining equipment with a larger capacity. How will it be if a product can accommodate 35 pounds of meat?

Guess what it is. This isn’t a container; rather, this is a brine bag with a widened bottom that could be an ideal brining solution for you. This bag offers simple and easy brining of turkey or other meats.

This unit is made of heavy-duty material, making it more durable than many other bags available on the market. The density of this bag is 125 microns that are thick enough to hold the load of both the liquid and the food item.

You may have a previous bad experience with leakage issues, but the twin-track zippers seal tightly to ensure no leakage, even if it doesn’t mind while rotating turkeys every few hours in the brine solution. Moreover, it has two strings and two larger sealing clips that protect the bag from expanding outwards and ensure no spilling.

You will be happy to know that it is easier to use than the usual brine bags, preventing a mess in the kitchen. As a part of the deal, you will get two packs having the same measurement.


  • Extra-large volume.
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • Thick enough to handle a heavy load.
  • Easy to use.


  • Sometimes, the size of bags can be the cause of mishandling.


This bag would be a great option for you if you want to own the best brine bag.

Large and Heavy Duty Bags for Brining Turkey

Large and Heavy Duty Bags for Brining TurkeyOur next and last product on our list is a bag from “PBKay.” This unit is specially manufactured for heavy brining. This heavy-duty brine bag would be perfect for people who brine turkey regularly.

It can hold up to 25-pound meat. If you need a bag with a larger capacity than this bag, then go for the first one. But you will not get the same quality with that one.

The dual zipper is very effective in resisting punctures and leaking. This product also has double-track zippers with removable zippers, which can be opened and shut down like a Ziplock bag with clips.

If you’re sincere about health issues, you have nothing to worry about because it’s made of completely BPA-free material. You will get two packs of the same size as a part of the deal.


  • Food processing gets very easy here.
  • Can brine a large turkey at a time.
  • BPA free.


  • The zippers here tend to get worse after 2-3 months of usage.


Overall, this unit is one of the most user-friendly ones in the market. And you will love the top-notch built quality.

Best Turkey Brining Container – Buying Guide

You will find different types of containers and bags in the market. But you need to know about some key points below which will help you in buying the right kind of container or bag:

The Capacity of the Container

In the case of a turkey brining container, the first and foremost thing to consider is its size and capacity. Containers and bags with different capacities are available on the market, so you have the opportunity to pick one according to your needs.

Usually, turkey becomes big, so you need to invest in a big-sized jar or bag. Though you may not need a big container all the time, sometimes you will need the big one on occasion. So it’s ideal to go for the one with a minimum capacity of 20 quarts.

On the other hand, if you want to use it to marinate smaller pieces of meat, you can go for the smaller one. So, before buying a brining jar, it’s wise to know your requirements first.

On our shortlist, we have added different sizes of containers and bags that can fulfill your requirements so that you can go for any of them.

Durability Of the Jar

Durability is one of the most common factors that you must keep in mind before buying any kitchen appliances. The same goes for turkey brining containers. So, buy the one that is made of strong and sturdy material. 

Different materials made containers are available in the market, but you need to know which one lasts longer. If you don’t want your container to break down after several uses, buy a polycarbonate container. Polycarbonate is a material that will last for years. 

Before using it for the first time, make sure that it doesn’t have any physical damage. Ideally, it’s best to check if it has any manufacturing fault before bringing it home.

Lid with the Container

The lid is a crucial part of a brining container. You will need a well-fitted lid while brining a turkey. Unfortunately, many top-notch quality containers don’t come with a lid. In that case, you have to buy the cover separately. 

Some of the containers on our shortlist come with a lid, and others are not. You may ask why we chose them as they don’t have a lid. The answer is the built quality and user feedback. The lid-less containers will be ideal for those who will not mind buying a lid separately.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to invest separately in a lid then buy the one that has a lid. Never think that containers with a lid are down in quality.

BPA-free Container

BPA (bisphenol-A) free containers aren’t only better for the human body and better for the environment. It’s proven by many studies that BPA can lead to different diseases like cancer, heart disease, reproductive problems, high blood pressure, miscarriage, infertility, or genital development in infants.

So before buying any kitchen appliance, be sure that it’s made of BPA-free materials. All of the products we reviewed in this article are BPA-free, so half of your job is done.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you brine the turkey in a plastic bag?

Why not? Sometimes bringing a turkey in a plastic bag is more convenient than using a container. Moreover, plastic bags obtain less space in the refrigerator than a big jar. But before doing that, ensure that the bag is made of food-grade plastic and strong enough not to tear up.

Can you brine a turkey in a garbage bag?

Yes, you can, but this isn’t the safest method. Brining in a garbage bag is an old method, but it works. We recommend you to use brining containers or bags instead of garbage bags.

Is brining bag the same as the oven bag?

No, it’s not. Many of us become confused that brining bags and oven bags are the same. Don’t think they are the same; rather brining bags are made for only brining food. So don’t attempt to use these bags around heat.

Can I use other liquids in addition to the water? 

Yes, you can. Apple, orange, cranberry juice, beer, and wine are suitable but do not replace 1/3 of the total amount of water. General thumb rule: utilize liquid 1 part in 2 parts water substitution.

How big should I buy a turkey?

The thumb rule is 1.5 pounds per person of turkey. However, if you truly want to sample some of the Urban Accents turkey leftover sandwiches or purchase 2 lbs. per person, if your family likes it.


Brining turkeys has never been an easy job to do. But when you have the right tools in your hand, then half of your job is done. In this article, we tried our best to make your purchase fruitful. 

Hopefully, by now, your search for the best container for brining a turkey has come to an end. Thanks for visiting our site. Your presence always inspires us. Happy shopping.

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