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How To Clean Blender & Motor – Get The Easiest Hacks

How to Clean Blender & Motor
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Blender is the ultimate partner of your kitchen. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning increase the durability of any kitchen appliance. So, it’s important to know how to clean the blender motor, base, blades, and jar in order to get a long time of service.

In general, the cleaning procedure is the same for all blenders. It may differ in the case of very few models. Some are needed to be dissembling part by part. On the other hand, some come with a self-cleaning feature.

Want to know the easiest and quickest way step by step? You just go on…

How to Clean a Blender Motor

Cleaning a blender sometimes becomes a bit difficult. It will be easier if you know how the procedure and utilize it in the right way.

Every kitchen appliance needs regular cleaning. For consistent performance and durability, you need to keep the motor neat and clean.

As the motor is placed inside the base so you cannot reach it easily. You have to open the outer cover. Don’t open it if your machine is under warranty period. In that case, you have to do it from the outside.

Use a soft brush to keep the way of airflow clean. If the air flows easily inside the base then it will keep the motor cool.

You can use a blower machine for removing the dust from inside the base. If you do it regularly then the dust cannot be settled or stick with the motor or other parts.

Do you have enough knowledge of electronic devices? If the answer is affirmative and your machine doesn’t have the warranty then you can open the cover.

Never use water to clean the motor and other electrical parts.

How to Clean Blender Base

The base is the most important part of a blender. All the spares parts and the control panel are assembled here. The motor is placed inside the base. It’s required to be safe from dust and liquids. So you need to keep the base tiptop always.

Step 1

Make sure it’s disconnected from the power source. At first, wipe it with a dry and soft cloth. If the base is stick with dust or dry food then use a damp cloth or sponge. Never use a wet cloth or foam because the base contains all the electrical components.

Mix a few drops of liquid soap with warm water. Soak a soft cloth or sponge in that liquid. Then keep twisting it to force out the liquid until it becomes damp. Wipe the base gently with it. Do this repeatedly until you’re done.

In the case of touchpad/buttons and the screen, follow the same way. It may be a bit hard to wipe the control buttons with a rag. In that case, use a Q-tip.

Step 2

Wiping with a damp rag or sponge the base becomes damp. The damp surface of the base or control panel is very dangerous for the user. There is a risk of electric shock.

So, after completing the whole process, ensure that the base is air-dried. You can do it simply with a hair drier. If you don’t have any sources of dry air then keep it in a warm place.

Do it every time in order to keep you and your item safe from any unwanted incident.

How to Clean the Blending Jar

blending Jar

Probably you will not find a single user who uses his blender for making a single recipe. After completion of a recipe, you should prepare it for the next use. It’s better to clean it as soon as possible after finishing the blending task. Otherwise, the food will dry and stick with the body.

Some models come with a self-cleaning option. Though the procedure is almost similar, you can clean these models in 30 seconds.


Required Items

  • Warm water
  • Liquid soap

Cleaning Procedure

  • Pour a few drops of liquid soap into the jar.
  • Fill half of the jar with warm water.
  • Close the lid.
  • Plugin the power cord with the power source.
  • Run it for a few seconds.
  • Finally, wash the jar with fresh water.

If still food remains inside the jar then use a cleaning brush. Be very careful about the blades. Don’t put your fingers close to the blades in order to prevent you from any injuries.

Important Notes

  • Don’t remove the warranty seal if any.
  • Never submerge the base or motor in water.
  • Don’t use abrasive brushes, it will dull or scratch the surface.
  • Clean it immediately after blending.

How to Clean the Blades

Blades of a blender

Blades are the crucial parts of a blender and they play the main role. You might find various types of the blade assembly. Some come with 6-blades assembly but 4-blades assembly is the most common.

For consistent performance, you need to keep the blades neat and clean. Moreover, if you want to have the blades as sharp as the sword for a long time, there is no alternative to regular cleaning. Well, let’s know about the procedure in detail.

Blenders with a self-cleaning option

There are so many models with a self-cleaning facility available on the market. These units offer easy cleanup. Cleaning the blades of these units is very easy. Even you can do this is within a few seconds.

At first, clean the jar by applying the self-cleaning option. Then check the blades if any leftover food elements are stuck in-between the blades. If any then use a brush to remove them.

Blenders without a self-cleaning option

If you own a blender that doesn’t have a self-cleaning option then you need to do it manually. Though it doesn’t have an auto-clean option, you don’t need to be worried. You can get a similar result following some simple instructions.

Usually, you need to clean the blades after cleaning the blending jar. Usually, not all the time you need to do it separately. Only if you find the blades are still dirty then you must clear them.

Some blades are removable and some aren’t. Use a brush in the case of the non-removable blades.

On the other hand, remove the removable blades carefully. You can make a mixer of dishwasher soap and hot water. This mixer is very handy for cleaning the blades as well as other parts.

Be very careful while handling the blades in order to prevent yourself from any fatal injuries.

Final Words

Thousands of models are available within different ranges of price. Your blender may be cheap, medium, or expensive. It completely depends on your blending needs and budget.

When it comes to maintenance the price doesn’t make a big difference. Even the most expensive one needs proper maintenance. Otherwise, it may not reach your expectations.

Hopefully, this article helpful for you, and by now you know how to clean a blender and other parts within a short time.

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