What Is The Right Sized Roasting Pan For Prime Rib? (A-Z Guide)

Cooking pans are part and parcel of today’s cooking. People use these units for roasting, grilling, and making good steaks. You need a perfect roaster to make the best prime ribs for your dinner.

Here, perfection lies in the quality and size of the pan. Regarding quality, you can rely on reputed brands but what about the size? It’s obvious to arise a query what is the right-sized roasting pan for prime rib?

If you’re seeking the answer,, you’ve landed where you’re supposed to be. Because in this article, we will talk about cooking pans size and a few closely related matters.

Besides knowing about the sizes, you need to know some key factors behind choosing the perfect roaster. For your better understanding, we have also included them below.

What Size Roasting Pan for Prime Rib

The perfect roasting pan size for cooking ribs depends on your preference and need. Cooking pans or skillets with a diameter of 10′′ to 12′′ provide enough cooking space within the stovetop. You can also fit these roasters in your oven.

People can live in a family or single. It is always great to have such a flexible roaster for ribs. Here, flexibility means it should be efficient in cooking without any concern about the volume of food.

If you get to buy a cooking pan or a skillet sized from 14″ to 15″, this can efficiently serve your purpose. A roaster of this measurement can cook steaks, prime ribs, and many more.

It will help if you remember some crucial factors before buying a roaster.

Weight Of the Pan

Weight relates to the size of the pan at the utmost. You should buy the one which you can handle properly. The weight should range from 900 grams to 1.2 kg.


The Skillets are available in several diameters. Among them, 8,” 10″, and 12″ are the most popular ones. You will buy such a roaster where the turning of the meat is also effortless. People also prefer buying 14″ roasters for flexibility in making ribs.

Why Size Matters in Buying the Cooking Pans for Prime Rib?

 It matters here for several reasons. We have described them below:

Proper turning and cooking

You can’t prepare good steaks out of the ribs if you can’t turn the meats properly. Turning is one of the most vital aspects of cooking. It ensures uniform cooking on all the surfaces of the food. For turning to be comfortable, you need to buy a roaster with a diameter of at least 13″.


More often than not, people face problems regarding the handling of the roasters. Here, the roaster should be between 13″ to 15.5″ in making prime ribs. This feature ensures that you can handle it with ease. Also, it helps the spatula-free processing of steaks.

Surface Area of Cooking

You will not get a good steak if only the meat is good. It would help if you also had a skillet with a decent surface area to cook the piece of meat or rib. A 14″-15″ roaster will have a good surface area to ensure the steaks’ uniform cooking.

Which Dishes Do You Prepare Most Often?

Prime ribDo you make steaks and eggs every evening of the week? Or do you prepare stir-fried vegetables? If so, you need a cooking pan that fits your requirements as you regularly rotate a few other units.

Eggs typically require a medium-sized pot. A 10″-pot will provide enough space to fry 3-4 eggs evenly. Moreover, this plan will provide you with room for an omelet. It is perfect for measurement when you use it mainly for eggs or 1-2 meaty parts.

Pancake is an entirely different matter. A 12″ pot will offer you the space to prepare two-three pancakes. 1-2 servings of fried vegetables can also fit in a 12-inch pot.

You rarely need to purchase a bigger pot for most dishes if you don’t make paella every week. A 12″ roaster should provide ample space to cook a sauce evenly. In This case, you will require deep pots to cook stews and soups.

You may need to have several pans at once in your kitchen. So, you can buy a 10″ and a 12″ roaster for cooking almost every kind of food in this circumstance. On these units, you can make steaks of salmon and beef.

How Many People Do You Usually Prepare Food for?

Are you a single person in a small apartment? Or are you feeding a family of four every night?  If you’re single, you will do just fine with a 10″ cooking pan. This unit may also fit in if you cook 1-2 food portions simultaneously.

On the other hand, You may need to cook four or more portions of a product at a time. You will require a larger pot sizing from 13″ to 13.5″ for this. These are perfect if you make a lot of chicken breasts.

This pot also efficiently makes large frittata or scrambled eggs in the household. However, if you want more consistency, go and buy a 12″ pan. Here, you will be able to cook foods more uniformly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 15″ pan a huge one?

Not really. Because it depends on your purpose and requirement, you need this one if you need to cook 2-3 steaks or ribs at once. This will allow you to cook food fast for guests.

Which ones are better, the square skillets or the circular ones?

Square skillets have a decent surface area for cooking. On the other hand, circular ones don’t provide such a large surface area. So, square skillets win the race against circular ones.


We often buy cooking utensils, not thinking about the size of the cookware. This results in uneven cooking and also other problems. In the case of prime ribs, you need the best roasting pan, which should be perfect in size according to your requirement.

It is crucial to purchase a perfect-sized roaster for prime ribs. Hopefully, our article has assisted you in choosing the perfect one for you.

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