The Ultimate Guide To Using A Cast Iron Skillet On A Glass Top Stove

Let us assume that you have upgraded to a glass cooktop from a traditional one. In addition, you also like to implement cast iron skillets or other cooking pots on this stove. Now, the most important question will arise, can you use a cast-iron skillet on a glass stove or not?

Indeed, several problems, including scratches will arise if you use cast-iron cookware on this kind of cooking top. To solve this, we have come up with steps to follow to use your iron skillet on glass furnaces:

How to Use a Cast Iron Skillet on a Glass Top Stove?

Since their inception in the market, glass top stoves or cookers have been a trendy choice globally. The smoothness in the surface, cooking efficiency, and easiness of control are the prime features of these products.

Though a cast iron isn’t the best type of cookware for a glass cooktop, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use them together. Rather, they could be a great cooking partner for your kitchen if you know how to use them.

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Avoid Rough Sliding of Iron Cookware on the Stove

We all know how roughness affects the cooking surfaces of the cookware. Start with the modernization of your cast iron pot for the most incredible kitchen experience.

Let us assume that you have paid the high cost of replacing your old power or gas stove with the new glass top furnace. You have done so because you wanted to upgrade your cooking style and operation. Am I right?

You may want to contemplate an upgrade before you start cooking in the new glass. You will do so because iron cookware has gone wrong or has rough chips on the lower part. It is essential if the surfaces of older skillets or iron pans are highly uneven.

Elder cast iron cookware is uneven than newer iron cooking equipment. A newer one is smoother and brighter.

You can also operate your beloved cast-iron skillet easier with the correct machinery. Avoid start moving the cookware when you start cooking because you are likely to scratch the stove surface.

Continuous moving will leave hard scratches on the surface of your cooktop. You will have to place the skillet firmly on the smooth glass burner. Then start cooking slowly.

Thus, the cooking operation here looks easy enough. But the best approach to avoid any damage is not to slide iron on the glass kitchen top.

Replace the Older Cooktops After Certain Period

A good quality glass cooktop lasts for three months properly. You may wonder why. This will occur if you continue to use cast iron cookware on it. So, getting a new one can be the best alternative.

New iron cookware is as elegant as the glass on which you cook. You can also try a well-surfaced cast-iron Dutch oven if you are not in the enamel layer.

The cast-iron cookware these days is pre-heated like the premium Uno Casa ones. Thus, the exterior finish is smooth and ready for use on top of a glass burner.

Consider Buying a Heat Diffuser

Heat DiffuserSafety is one of the most critical aspects everywhere. As so, you need to maintain proper safety in cooking as well. You might consider investing in a heat diffuser to use for your glass cooktops.

The Heat diffusers are meant to spread the heat evenly across the bottom of a pot from the furnace. In that sense, heat diffusers are great when you cook sauces or if you like slow cooking.

It also helps make a buffer between a pot and the glass when you cook on insensitive glass cooktops.

And the most important thing about it is the fact that a heat diffuser produces a buffer. Buffering ensures the proper ph value of the foods.

To avoid scratches, place the heat diffuser firmly on the glass. Place your pick of the kitchen appliances on top. Heat diffusers can also prevent the surface of the cooktop from damaging your iron cookware.

Clean the Stovetop After Every Use 

Ensure Proper washing of the iron cookware before using. The lubricating residues like oil and other residues can carbonize the bottom part of the furnace.

Put off the cookware from the cooktop immediately after use. After that, wash the inner and outer pan carefully after every use to avoid any markings or blemishes. Then wash away the cooktop properly.

Of course, keeping your skillet or pan clean is one of the simplest ways to use it safely with a glass-top electric stove.

You should scrub the inside and outside of cast iron cooking equipment if you use it. For this material, a metal scourer is too abrasive. Use silicone scrubbers, such as the ones that come with Uno Casa pans, instead.

Add some soap and hot water to the mix, and you should be good to go. When it’s first installed, a glass top furnace appears lovely and modern. But you must know that you must preserve it that way in the long term.

You can rapidly spray your cooktop with burnt food, black residue, and every sort of splash and spill from your pans and pots.

This might cause the residue to scratch if you start piling up and use cast iron cooking utensils. You must clean the glass top furnace before and after every cooking session to stop this.

Moreover, you don’t want your pots and pans to look filthy, do you? So, try to follow the steps to maintain the cleanliness and sturdiness of these gadgets. And for iron skillets, this is a must.

In addition to daily wiping, you will also want to put a deeper cleaning at least once a month or busy or stylish cooking for one weekend!

Final Words

Though cooking is one of the most pleasing things to do, we often face problems while choosing certain utensils for particular furnaces. Here, we have tried to explain how you can use a cast-iron skillet on a glass cooktop.

We back you to follow the rules and steps as mentioned above. In this way, you can implement iron materials on glass cooktops. We hope this article has helped you.

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