Why Do You Need A Roasting Pan & How To Choose One? (A-Z Guide)

Cooking is an art. And, the quality of food doesn’t only depend on cooking style and ability. However, it depends mainly on the type of cookware you are using to cook.

Roasting pans are an indispensable part of our kitchen. Thus, we cannot think of a day in the kitchen without a roaster. It can cook steaks, lasagnas, baked dishes, and many more.

In this article, you will get to know why do you need a roasting pan and how to choose the perfect one. Moreover, we will also focus on the merits and demerits and the availability of its various types.

Why do You Need a Roasting Pan?

You often face difficulties while baking foods like pizza, pasta, and cakes in your oven, don’t you? To be exact, the food’s juices tend to get on the edges of the range while baking.

Again, you are tired of giving large electricity bills due to over usage of the oven. You can easily get rid of these problems but how? You just need the best quality roasting pan.

It will allow easy baking of foods. In addition to it, the high walls within these units will allow spread-free baking of pizzas and all. Furthermore, it will save you a good amount of electricity bills.

They are oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit on average. This feature improves the efficiency of these units.

The manufacturers use aluminum coating in the best-quality models. This coating provides good durability and longevity.

In addition to these, it is a handy multi-purpose partner of any kitchen. And people should buy this product as it provides a lot of options.

In many cooking gadgets, turning and handling get tough, am I right? But in these units, you can turn and handle the foods perfectly. As a result, this feature ensures uniform cooking of the foods on all sides.

What Can You Cook on a Roaster?

From grilling the prime ribs to making lasagnas, you can cook many foods on these pans. Often, we crave to eat healthy baked potato chips. We can make them as well in these units.

Moreover, a plate of chicken or beef biryani will always endeavor the taste buds of the Asian people. These units are very effective in cooking biriyani and fried rice.

Cakes, lasagnas, pizzas, grilled and roasted prime ribs are all our favorite dishes, aren’t they? Don’t you love sauteed vegetables? Yes, you can cook all these on these units.

The Types of Roasting Pans 

Because of its versatility, the market for pans is very wide all over the world. Moreover, various types of models are available around you. Below here, we have explained about most common types.

Roasters with removable handles

However, handles are a very significant feature and part of a roaster. You can get one with attached handles and also with detachable ones. Thinking of your kitchen’s purpose and the storage space, you can pick the type you require to get.

Often, people prefer buying pans with removable handles. Because the removable handles add a lot to the workability, they also take small space during storage in the kitchen. And, they are efficient in cooking on any stove, including electric heaters.

Roasters for prime ribs

People will always prefer buying the best roasting pan for prime rib because they have unique features. Again, they come with good heat retentivity and temperature control.

An additional v-shaped rack comes within the cooking surface of these units. To add to the advantages, these help the drip-free cooking option.

Often, we find the spices and liquids coming out from ribs get stuck with the cooking surface of these units. But here, these things cannot get stuck due to an additional rack. They are efficient in almost 450 degrees Fahrenheit of heat.

Roasters for baking

Usually, the thick-walled units are perfect for baking. Because we use yeast and egg in baking different types of food items, these tend to get fluffed while cooking, and they may spread all over. That is why they come with thick and high walls.

Roasters for making good gravies

Who doesn’t love butter chicken or mutton curry? The main ingredient to love these foods is gravy. That is the reason these units come with a large cooking surface.

And these gadgets have features where you can control the temperature.

The skewer-making roasters

The skewer is one of the most famous and healthy dishes across the globe. People love to indulge in a plate of shrimp and chicken skewers. These pans have horizontal or vertical parallel linings with uniform gaps.

Moreover, these units usually come in a rectangular or square shape. You can place the skewers on the surface and spread some olive oil and sauce to make the perfect dish. You will get a tong with this unit for flipping the skewers.

The Merits and Demerits of a Roasting Pan 

Like any other kitchen appliance, a roasting pan has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. In this section, you will get to know what are they. So it will help you to decide.

The merits

  1. It takes a short time to cook on these units.
  2. Gives uniformly cooked dishes.
  3. Can cook a large quantity of food.
  4. Easy-storage ability.
  5. They have good durability.

The demerits

  1. Sometimes, roasted foods are also unhealthy for people.
  2. Foods cooked on non-toxic pans may contain some inflammatory issues within the stomach.
  3. Fares tend to get burnt at a time on these units.

How to Choose a Roasting Pan – Buying Guide

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Roasting Pan with RackThe right kind of roasting pan provides tender cooking and delicious roasting of turkey, vegetables, and prime ribs. Moreover, it would help if you notice certain factors to choose a good roaster.

This section is all about these important factors that will help you to buy the best one for you.

Built of the Body 

Flat, well-built pans help to spread heat all over the cooking surface uniformly. In addition to this, it ensures proper cooking and brewing.

It would help if you pick a roaster which has got heft within it. The slender units burn the food, and food becomes hard. Narrow one doesn’t help you in the proper cooking of the sauce. The sauce tends to stick within the limited pans. So, deglazing doesn’t also get easy here.


Manufacturers produce roasters with a variety of materials. Choosing a unit with stainless steel is an excellent decision. Because they don’t warp, their surfacing is of top-notch quality. Also, the building of these units is durable.

We also know that Aluminum is an efficient material in constructing roasters. But they can warp, and also they react with acidic ingredients while cooking. However, Aluminum can conduct a decent amount of heat.

The nonstick pans are perfect for the preparation of sauces and in deglazing. These units are also accessible for cleaning up.

Size of the Pan

The size and height of the roaster can also have an impact on its efficiency. So, choosing the one that is large enough is a good option. Moreover, it is efficient for cooking big pieces of beef and chicken. To add to this, you should also notice that the foods don’t get adjacent to the walls of the pan while cooking.

In terms of the height of the pan, keep in your consideration that you don’t choose a shallow one. Shallow models won’t provide the foods with sufficient room in cooking the foods and vegetables. And thus, the foods tend to dry out after cooking, and they get more challenging.

Buy the one with sufficient height per your cooking requirement. As a result, it will provide your food with enough room to cook with its juices.

Types of Handles

For your roaster, you have to ensure the safety and comfortability factors. Because it would help if you got one with a riveted and long handle, along with this, the handle should come with an easy gripping feature. Eventually, this helps to flip the foods and steaks at ease.

The Rack within the Roaster

A rack provides enough room for the meat you are roasting. As a result, heat makes proper contact with the upper and bottom parts of foods. However, this feature allows for the optimum cooking of your ribs.

Again, the drip-free cooking technology within these units maintains cleanliness during cooking. Look for a sturdy rack that won’t bow when you put a big piece of meat to cook on it.

We always back you up for buying the one with rack as it is perfect for cooking meats in their juice.


We cannot deny how important roasters are in cooking in our day-to-day life. In this article, we have explained the different attributes of a roaster.

So, we hope you make an exemplary implementation of our article in knowing about various factors of roasting pans. We recommend you buy the one as per your purpose and budget.

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