The Ultimate Guide Of Defrosting Frozen Fruits Using Several Methods

Frozen fruit is a great ingredient for smoothies. You can enjoy it anytime around the year. Want to make delicious dishes quickly using these fruits? First and foremost, you need to know how to defrost frozen fruit.

Defrosting time varies with the types of fruits because not all fruits are the same. Moreover, there are several methods of doing the same task. If you know about these methods, you can easily follow the easy or quick one.

This article will teach you several ways to defrost your frozen ingredients. Also, we have included many other aspects of these fruits.

How to Defrost Frozen Fruits?

How to Defrost Frozen Fruits
How to Defrost Frozen Fruits

The best way of defrosting frozen ingredients mainly depends on the type of foods you’re using. There are three easy and commonly used ways of thawing these fruits.

You can do that in the refrigerator, under running water, or microwave oven. Not each of the methods will work for every food. Also, they don’t take the same period of time. Let’s know these methods in detail one by one.

Defrosting in the Refrigerator

The frozen fruits can be defrosted in the refrigerator. This is a lengthy process, but it works. Typically it takes 6 to 8 hours. If you’re in a hurry, then you shouldn’t follow this. If you have time, then it’s okay.

It’s better to take only the amount of frozen fruits you need to use. The thawed fruits shouldn’t be refrozen. So try not to take an excessive amount of fruit. Otherwise, the leftover fruits will be wasted.

Put the fruits in a bowl or on a plate to avoid dripping. Then keep them in the refrigerator.

Leave the fruits inside the refrigerator for 6 to 8 hours per pound.

Turn the package or fruits every hour to accelerate the process. If you don’t do this, the fruits may not thaw equally. Moreover, it will take more time.

Note:  Keep the temperature of your refrigerator at 40°F or less during the whole process.

Defrosting Under Cool Water

This is the simplest way compared to other methods. There is no use of any appliance for doing this. It usually takes less than 2 hours to thaw the entire fruit. It requires less time but demands more attention.

The fruits should be in a leak-proof package. If it leaks, then bacteria could be introduced into the fruits. Also, the meat tissues can absorb the water. It will make your food watery. So, check the packet properly to keep your food safe.

Take the required amount of fruits. If you need the entire package, then don’t open it.

Place the package under cold running water. You don’t need the steam of water. Rather you just need to have enough to trickle over the bag.

Keep an eye on the package. Turn it in every 10 minutes to accelerate the process.

There is an alternative to constantly running water. Take a bowl filled with cold water. Then submerge the package in that bowl.

Change the water every after 30 minutes until it reaches your satisfaction level.

Note: In this process, the temperature of cold running water less than 70°F is recommended.

Defrosting in the Microwave Oven

This is the quickest way compared to the above-mentioned methods. It takes only a few minutes. If you’re in a hurry, then this is ideal for you. Use the microwave if you blend or cook immediately after defrosting.

Take as much as you need and place them in a sealed food bag. If you need the entire fruit, then leave it in the unopened package.

If you can’t manage a sealed bag, place your package in a plate or bowl. It will prevent your microwave from any mess.

Place your fruit bowl or package in the microwave.

Then set it in the defrost setting and cook for 2 minutes. If your machine doesn’t have this setting, cook in the lowest power setting.

Check the fruits by squeezing them through the bag. If it feels soft, then remove it from the oven.

Open the bag and check the whole fruit. Use a spoon to stir it if the fruits thaw partially. Then again, place in the microwave for another 30 seconds.

If you are still not satisfied, cook for more time until it’s completely done.

Important things to keep in mind

Thawing in the refrigerator or under cold water is a lengthy process. So during the process, you have to maintain a safe temperature.

Any bacteria can be introduced before it begins to thaw. Never thaw frozen foods in hot water.

Don’t let the water be mixed with your fruits.

Do You Have to Thaw Frozen Fruit for Smoothies?

Smoothies with frozen fruitsThe answer to this query depends on some factors. Moreover, it varies on individuals’ tastes and requirements.

There are various types of smoothie recipes all over the world. Smoothies are delicious and easy to make. Peoples make smoothies according to their taste. So, it’s very common to have dissimilarities in the making procedures.

There are a huge number of people who like smoothies with frozen ingredients. In the same way, many people love fresh fruit smoothies. There is no offense if you like one or both.

If you’re the one who likes frozen fruits, you should know when you need to or don’t need to thaw.

Are you a busy person like me? If you’re, then frozen fruit is ideal for you. They have merits and demerits as well.

What does happen if you defrost before blending?

These fruits are popular all over the world. Especially it’s very necessary for smoothie lovers. Some people defrost frozen ingredients before blending. And some consider this a hassle.

This is an effective way to get the taste of fresh fruits as this is a bit tough to manage fresh fruits every time so that you can take this opportunity.

If you thaw the frozen ingredients before blending, blending will be easier. Moreover, you will be able to blend without any worries about your blender.

The fruits become a little bit softer after thawing. They will never jam your blender. It doesn’t create extra pressure on your machine.

Don’t think that the thawed fruits lose the coldness. Rather, it holds the cold temperature and provides a slushy consistency. Surely, you will love that.

What does happen if you don’t defrost before blending?

It doesn’t influence much on the taste of your smoothie if you defrost or not. Mainly, it depends on the strength and ability of your blender.

Many peoples put fully frozen foods in the blender. In some cases, it can harm your blender. Even it can break or crack the blades. Surely, you don’t want it to happen with your blender.

No doubt, the frozen fruit is a tough thing to blend. This isn’t easy for a blender to handle tough ingredients like ice and frozen foods. Mostly, it depends on how powerful your blender is.

Not all blenders are eligible to blend the hard ingredients flawlessly. So it’s important to know the limitation of your blender. It’s better to thaw before blending if you don’t want to take risks with your blender.

Some blenders can handle the toughest ingredients. Do you have a super blender?  If the answer is affirmative, thawing before blending is not mandatory.

You may need to add ice if you defrost. As the ice melts, adding extra ice means adding water. On the other hand, frozen fruits don’t water your smoothie.

If you don’t thaw, add some liquid for easy blending. Commonly, a large number of people use water. But you can add milk or orange juice, adding extra flavor.

Should You Wash Frozen Fruit?

This is always a good practice to wash fruits and vegetables before use. If you wash it, it removes excess dirt and bacteria.

Commonly, people use these fruits for making smoothies. If you’re making smoothies for nutrition, why will you take any risk?

Though most frozen foods are washed before packaging, you should still wash them before use. Moreover, they are easy to wash.

How Long Does Frozen Fruit Last in the Freezer?

Frozen FruitsFrozen fruits are good for about a year if stored constantly frozen. It depends on how it’s prepared or packed, how it’s stored, and how the quality is in fresh condition.

Freezing can’t improve the quality of any food. But when it’s stored properly, it delivers the taste of eating fresh fruit. The approximate storage time for different foods is listed below.

Fruits: 8 to 12 months.

Vegetables: 8 to 18 months.

Fish: 3 to 6 months.

Poultry: 6 to 9 months.

Ground meat: 3 to 4 months.

Eating within a short storage time is always better for the best quality.

How Long Can You Freeze Fruit for Smoothies?

Smoothie is one of the popular recipes all over the world. Usually, it’s so popular because of the nutrition and healthy ingredients. Moreover, you can make it yourself at home.

Frozen fruits are the best option if you’re a smoothie lover and want to have them all year round. But there is an expiry date for every food item.

Though food items don’t have an exact storage time, keeping them for around 8 to 12 months is better. You will get the maximum quality if you eat within a short storage time.

How Long Does Frozen Fruit Last Once Thaw?

Frozen fruits are safe for a long period of time. But if it’s thawed, it doesn’t last long, even if refrigerated.

If you keep the thawed fruits in the refrigerator, they will freeze again. But it will not remain as good as it was before thawing.

If you want, you can try it yourself. Leave the thawed fruits in the refrigerator again for five days. After five days, compare that with the frozen fruits you didn’t thaw earlier. Now see the difference in which one tastes better.

If you don’t use it after thawing, it begins to degrade. So, it’s better to use it as soon as possible after thawing.

How to Thaw Strawberries Without Making Them Soggy?

frozen strawberries
frozen strawberries

If you thaw the frozen strawberries correctly, you will get fresh as it was. Thawing in the refrigerator is the best way though it’s a lengthy process.

First, take the required amount of frozen strawberries and keep them in a bowl. Put on a cover and place them in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight.

Thawing slowly will keep the strawberries fresh and firmer. You will not get the same result if you quickly do it at room temperature.

How long do frozen berries last in the fridge?

The storage duration depends on a variety of factors. These factors are similarly applicable for storing fresh berries. We already discussed these factors previously.

Actually, there’s no exact storage period for Berries. Fresh Berries are likely to spoil even in the fridge. But if properly stored, it lasts about 4 to 6 months.

Try not to store for a long time to ensure quality.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our guideline was helpful; you now know how to defrost frozen fruit quickly. If you follow any of these three methods appropriately, it will not be a hassle anymore.

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