Can I Brine A Turkey In A Garbage Bag? (An In Depth Guide)

Are you one of them, who loves brined turkey? Probably you are like me. You know that this is one of the most popular dishes around South America and Western Europe. But when it comes to brining a turkey many of us become confused because the same task can be done in various methods.

You can brine in containers, slow cookers as well as in trash or garbage bags. Many people ask surprisingly, can I brine a turkey in a garbage bag? Yes, you can but it sounds rough, isn’t it?

The experts don’t recommend this method as it’s not safe. Moreover, this is an old method. There are many dedicated brine containers and bags available on the market. They are safe and secured.

If you’re searching for the trash bag method then this article is for you. Here, we will describe how to brine a turkey by using a trash bag in detail. So, be with us.

How to Brine a Turkey in a Garbage Bag?

The most important part of brining a turkey is the perfect size bag according to the size of the turkey you’re going to brine. Don’t take a bag that is smaller in size than your turkey. Always choose a big one.

As our main target is to describe the process in detail so we have divided the process into three parts. No more ado, let’s go on.

The Preparatory Phase of the Brining Process

  • You’ll need a large garbage bag in this operation. Fortunately, these are easier to come by these days, but if you didn’t find them, large broiler simmering sacks would suffice.
  • To saltwater a turkey, you have to defrost it at below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Eventually, we have always had a second fridge. Many people use a large cooler and a lot of ice.
  • Generally, you should place it in a food-safe sack and secure it to prevent the saline solution from leaking out.
  • The salt does the job and should not be disregarded. It appears to split tissue in the turkey and transport water into it. Again, it would help if you used little kosher salt on salty water. During the cooking contact, you can now simmer the bird causing water loss. The brine solution is a pungent-smelling one.
  • Consequently, the proteins in the meat will separate as a result of the salt and water. This will result in a turkey that is more delicate, mushy, and delectable. You may also add a lot of taste by adding different items like flavors.
  • More importantly, you should place it in a food-safe bag. Remember to keep it secured to prevent the saline solution from being weakened. Because you’re dealing with poultry, let’s be cautious out there. 

The Mixing of Salt and Piercing Turkey

Whatever the case may be, there is a slew of variables at play, and the number might be more significant. Would you please not attribute this to me? If you’re watching your sodium intake, avoid adding salt to your water.

After that period, there is essentially no assimilation, and the water can begin to influence the flesh surface. Therefore you should use a saline solution for no more than 24 hours. Eventually, the majority of the effect occurs within the first 12 hours.

Cover the turkey with the cooled saline solution and enough water/ice to keep it submerged. As a result, it will make it easier for you to manage the heavy pack. Also, if you’re going to use a new natural product, do it right now. Three quartered oranges are to be in addition.

The Processing Steps 

  • In general, we prefer to keep turkeys prepared. We insert margarine under the turkey’s skin after placing onion, celery, and carrot in the heating pack.
  • If desired, season with salt and pepper, and this turkey will provide squeezes that you season for a basic custom-created sauce. Cooking a turkey in a pack is a straightforward process. This is how you do it!
  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the turkey on the lowest simmering rack, so make sure your stove is set up for it before it gets hot.
  • Place the flour in the broiler pack and shake it to cover it.
  • After that, you need to remove the giblets. Discard or reserve for sauce or another purpose. Inside the pack, look for the turkey. After that, place it in a roasting pan.
  • Consecutively, lay a few pieces of onion, carrots, and celery into the turkey, then place the rest of the vegetables around it.
  • Eventually, cut the margarine stick into tablespoon-sized pieces (8 cuts). Now, loosen its skin from the bosom.
  • Then, under the skin of the turkey bosom, slide the margarine chunks. On each side, we make four cuts.
  • You are now ready to serve your favorite dish.

The Frequently Asked Questions 

frequently asked questionsHow long do you cook a turkey in a garbage bag,?

Usually, almost every broiler pack we’ve ever received came with a cooking time chart. The amount of time it takes depends on several factors, including the size of the turkey and whether it is compact enough or not.

The cooking time for an 18-22 pound turkey is 3-4 hours. You’ll come across a large selection of cooking time plans and ideas, and almost every one of them will be slightly different.

So, to determine whether you grill the chicken, take its internal temperature.

What is the ideal temperature for cooking a turkey?

According to the USDA of 165 degrees Fahrenheit, an entire turkey is safe when cooked at an actual internal temperature. Inspect the internal temperature with a food thermometer of the deeper region of the thigh and the thicker part of the bosom.

Why is bringing a turkey within a garbage bag so viable?  

Generally, the skin of the turkey turns into a beautiful earthy color, creating a fascinating spectacle. The liquids are trapped, which not only makes it more tender and delicious.

Moreover, this also makes it easier to use the juices for sauce. Overall, Tastes, flavors, and margarine are sealed in the cooking bag, resulting in a delicious turkey.

Is it true that a turkey cooks faster in a sack?

When you use a stove pack, you can significantly reduce the time to prepare a turkey by an hour. It’s covered in a sack, which traps the heat and speeds up the cooking process for your turkey.


Hopefully, the article was helpful for you and by now you know how to brine a turkey in a trash bag. If you follow the above-mentioned steps then it should be easier for you.

But we don’t recommend this method as you have many other safe methods in your hands. Turkey brining containers or bags will consume some dollars but they are safe for your health.

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