Top 10 Blenders For Making Smoothies With Frozen Fruit In 2022

Best Blender for Making Smoothies with Frozen Fruit
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A glass of yummy smoothie with frozen fruit is what we never say no to. But is it not hectic to use a standard blender to prepare that heavenly drink in the summer morning?  Of course, you need the best blender for making smoothies with frozen fruit.

Many terms arise when you want to buy the perfect one. You need to check the speed, compatibility, and even capacity. So when you look forward to buying a good blender, it becomes nearly impossible to compare everything wisely.

Buckle up! Here we brought our investigation result on the top 10 market-leading smoothie blenders.  Let’s dig deeper without any further delay!

Top 5 Blender for Making Smoothies

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Best Blender for Making Smoothies with Frozen Fruit – (Reviews)

No more lumpy smoothies! Yes, you heard it right. Now we will share our top picks with you to get the perfectly blended smoothie with frozen fruits. We have given priority to performance and quality. So hopefully, the choices won’t disappoint you at all. Let’s dig deeper!

Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade

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The best blender needs to serve as a beast, isn’t it? Here is our first choice for you. Well, there are certain reasons for calling this one the best, and shortly, you will get known to those.

Vitamix 5200 is made for your heavy-duty usage, so you can crush tough ingredients within the least possible time. This Vitamix is meant to serve you with the best possible experience that you chase with numerous features.

You can adjust the speed with its speed controlling option, so the ultimate power is in your hands. Also, as the speed can be controlled, the speed will make a difference in the textures accordingly.

For instance, let’s say someone likes lumpy smoothies. You can turn down the speed and make that lumpy for them. Again, if someone likes blended smoothies, you have to turn up the speed, and you are done! So easy, right?

Moving to the container size, it is 64-ounce. If you want to make smoothies for 5-6 people, you can prepare that using this unit. No more hassle of pouring the ingredients again and again. Also, the lid is so secure that you won’t spill out anything. It will be a total mess-free operation for you.

Your blender needs to be strong enough to handle all those hard ingredients. So if the main part that deals with those stubborn pieces is not strong enough, there will be no use for the container.

Yes, we are talking about the blade. This unit has power over the blades too. It is built strongly and sharply to cut through even ices. So blending tough ingredients is never a problem anymore.


  • Strong service
  • Durable
  • Big container
  • Sharp and stainless blades


  • Nothing specific


If you are looking for a large container with extended capacity, this model will help you. Also, with the strong build, it handles the tough ingredients in a better way. The quality was up to the mark as well.

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Ninja Countertop Blender for Frozen Smoothies

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If you want everything assembled in one place, we don’t blame you. Who doesn’t seek comfort? We love to have comfort, and that’s what this Ninja is meant to serve.

This model comes with every necessary feature that you need to rock on the glass of a perfect smoothie.

If you seek the true ninja who can handle everything you put in the container, you will be amazed to see this ninja’s performance. With this product, you will receive two Nutri Ninja Cups.

The cups are built with incredible quality material, and for that, you will get the same service and durability as the main unit. So if you don’t want to make the big container dirty, you can make the best use of the small cups, these are very handy as well.

You will receive a 3-speed controller with a pulse facility. The speed control helps to prepare the desired texture anytime. You can convert ice into crushed snow that you will never think of going to a juice parlor again.

The lids are perfectly secured, so there is no reason for spilling off the drink, which saves the user from a mess. The BPA-free material ensures your better health. So it is equally safe for grown-ups and kids as well.

Moreover, it is dishwasher safe. So the cleaning will never feel like putting pressure on you. If you are a lazy person like us, this feature alone will change your mind about buying this unit. Also, as it includes two small cups, you can clean the cups within minutes, if not seconds!


  • Includes two extra cups
  • Flexible cleaning
  • Works like a ninja
  • Handy usability


  • May arrive with a dispute


The main feature that attracted us to this model is the safety and extra two cups. The cups can be really handy if you are a daily user. Instead of using the big one, you can use the small ones for small daily tasks. Overall the quality is pretty impressive.

[amazon fields=”B00939FV8K” value=”button”]

NutriBullet Blender for Frozen Fruit and Ice

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To be honest, power is everything in a blender. Especially when it’s about blending the toughest ingredients like ice, you just need an effective service on top of everything.

This unit is an up-to-the-mark one to provide you with the strongest service. The 1200W motor base is truly meant to provide you with the incredible power that you are looking for.

Moving to the look and design, the bullet-shaped design can be called elegant in a word. If you look at it, you will feel that it’s actually a smart option that you will need to fulfill your every requirement.

It comes with a stainless-steel forged blade for providing extra power and stability. You can deal with all your frozen elements at a time without any further thought.

On top of the power and design, it comes with really strong and sharp blades. The blades are made of stainless steel. The easy-twist Extractor blade will handle your food like a master cutter.

The fruits will be sliced into droplets within seconds, and therefore, you can enjoy the perfectly smooth smoothie. So after a long, horrific day, this unit can act as a savior for you.

The pitcher and cups included in it are made of plastics. But these are not usual plastics. Hence the plastics are tested with professionals and made the safest for your consumption.

These are both durable and BPA-free, so no further worries are needed here. Also, the cleaning procedure of this Nutribullet is like a piece of cake. So you are saved from cleaning as well!


  • Easy-twist Extractor blade
  • Three precision speeds adjustability
  • Includes everything that’s needed
  • One-Press at a button operation


  • Less durable


The most interesting feature that this unit upholds is its functionality and smartness. The bullet-shaped body is unique to many of the popular models, and it steps ahead with the quality as well. Undoubtedly, the powerful service will blow your mind.

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Instant Ace Nova Blender

[amazon fields=”B07VMTWHQK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Who doesn’t love versatile blenders? Here we present the Instant Ace Nova, which is capable of dealing with not only frozen ingredients but also other stuff.

You will be amazed by the performance of this beautiful model. Only if you knew before how easily you can make uncountable liquids with this single unit. Even cooking foods in a liquid form for babies becomes much easier when you get to blend solid foods with this wonderful unit.

Surprisingly, you will be able to do hot blending with it, and this one will make your food remain warm for more than 2 hours. You don’t have to worry about a single detail when it comes to crushing ice for preparing various recipes.

Your food will be healthier along with being tastier by making with this amazing unit, so no more tasteless drinks. Every morning of yours will be decorated with nutritious and tasty with this incredible 25,000RPM 10-speed powerhouse of this unit.

However, you may think that handling it will be harder as it offers so many specifications and features. So we are pretty excited to let you know that it is super easy to handle, even if you are a messy person.

You will get a cleaning brush with this product. With that brush, every mess can be cleaned easily within 60 seconds. The cups and other stuff included with it that will help you to prepare the perfect recipes ever. So getting this one will provide you the ease of use that won’t make you regret it.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers powerful and strong blending capabilities
  • Safe to use


  • Noisy


If you want to make your messy mornings a little bit designed with easy smoothies and save your valuable time from dealing with useless blenders, then you should try this machine. Once you purchase this, you are going to love this for sure. All the specifications and durability will make you feel great with the tasty recipes.

[amazon fields=”B07VMTWHQK” value=”button”]

Vitamix Explorian for Frozen Fruit

[amazon fields=”B07CX95VRT” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Here comes another incredible option to move forward with. We all know that among all the options, finding the one which maintains professional graded material is hectic.

But no more worries, this one can save your back. The material and quality of this unit are tested professionally to serve in the perfect way.

If you are a keen buyer, which we are quite sure that almost everyone is, you must look for imperfections in the things you will buy spending your valuable money.

But we can assure you that even if you hold it near your arms, you won’t find a single imperfection in this unit’s built quality. That perfection makes it healthy to use.

It contains a unique feature named the pulse feature. The pulse feature is known to blend anything that you want properly. If you want to blend vegetables, you can use this. Again, if you want to blend frozen fruits, you can use this feature. All of the features given here are perfect for blending tough ingredients.

Last but not least, the cleaning. If you struggle to clean up the kitchen pieces of stuff because of a busy schedule, it will be more like a blessing for you.

We often realize the difficulty of cleaning after preparing something. So how will you feel if the whole procedure becomes easier than ever? To help you, this unit is built so that you can clean it using soap and water only. How incredible does that sound?


  • Easy cleaning
  • Durable material
  • Incredible capacity
  • Includes pulse feature


  • Can be fragile


For people who hate cleaning up, this one is perfect for them. You can clean it up using soap and water only. The performance is really promising as well. Overall, it will be a good purchase for making recipes with tough ingredients even with ice.

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Blendtec Frozen Smoothie Blender

[amazon fields=”B000GIGZXM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

With good quality material, anything is possible, right? This model keeps our faith in the material at first. The plastic-built body can serve you for an extended period.

Even though people may doubt that it is made of plastic, let us tell you that the plastic that this brand uses is completely food-graded and safe. Also, it is tested to meet all the safety standards.

We know that you love to dominate. But will a blender listen to your domination? This one certainly will. With its ten-speed manual control, you can switch to any kind of speed as you like. Yes, we are not bluffing. It serves ten different speed control features.

The speed control versatility is important to deal with different textures. For instance, if you want to blend anything apart from frozen ingredients, you might need to switch to a different speed mode. Will you buy different blenders for each of your requirements? Absolutely not. This one will help you in every blending purpose perfectly.

Often, we notice that less powerful models stop automatically when the fruits stick to the blade. But a powerful one won’t give you that trouble. That’s why it serves 10x stronger service to the users to cut through anything.

The interesting fact here is, they do not claim the blades to be sharp. They claim those to be strong, and yet they never disappoint the users. What an amazing way to focus on the truth!


  • Unique design
  • Stainless-steel forged blade
  • Provides extra power
  • 10x stronger service


  • Less durable


If you prefer an extra-strong model that can handle everything you put in the container, you must consider this one. The look is also convincing and full of elegance. People who love both look and performance will be fond of this one.

[amazon fields=”B000GIGZXM” value=”button”]

Breville Countertop Blender

[amazon fields=”B07VNN6SMD” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

What can impress a user more than functionality and versatility? We know that you seek these two features the most. We also know that finding these two features together at the same place is not a matter of joke.

But bless yourself, cause this one is the perfect example for the achiever of functionality and versatility both at the same place.

Share the truth, do you like when your blender makes a noise? Nobody likes that! That’s why you need a model that can operate silently. And here you go.

It doesn’t make any sound with its torque motor while preparing the yummy glass of drinks for you. If you are not a morning person, you will not get irritated by your home’s blending sound anymore!

Who doesn’t love getting smart features in this era? We assume that a smart feature makes you happier when you set up your mind to buy something.

It has a smart LCD & timer included to give you a taste of smart features even in the kitchen utensils. You can view the speed on the LCD, which will help you to decide better.

The auto-clean feature can help you a lot when you want to use it every day. It reduces the trouble of cleaning and therefore lets you clean with one touch on the button. You will get the auto-clean feature in this unit. So no matter how harshly you use the bender, the cleaning is always easier than ever.


  • Easy to clean
  • Smart features
  • Sharp blades
  • Better durability


  • Carafe doesn’t stay in place


Everyone loves smart operation systems in this era. To help you most smartly, this one has an LCD with an auto cleaning feature. On top of that, you will get easy assembling comfort. Everything is just perfect about this one!

[amazon fields=”B07VNN6SMD” value=”button”]

Cleanblend Commercial Grade Blender

[amazon fields=”B07VNN6SMD” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Heavy-duty blenders can go a long way when it’s about crushing the ice or frozen elements. In fact, the sharpness and strong handling can help you a lot to deal with all these tough ingredients.

Versatility is important for the blender to help you with everything that you want to do. Now, if you stick to different blenders for different purposes, it will be both troublesome and costly.

That’s why you need something that can help you in a multipurpose way. This unit contains nine different methods to help you.

You can crush, blend, chop, grind, heat, process, puree, or liquify, which means you get to choose from a lot of options to help you.

The perfect example of what it does is chop ice into snow. How does it sound? Yes, this one does this thing exactly.

If you put frozen fruits into it, you will see that the fruits are crushed within seconds, and there will be no lumps. Within the least possible time, you will get the tastiest smoothie ever.

Looking for a blender that can hold all the food for your family at a time? Here you get this one. The extended capacity will allow you to make everything at once.

The container may seem low profile, but it can help you with incredible capacity that you will lack from many other options.

Along with that, the 8 Blade Stainless Steel Blade is truly meant for handling your liquids in the best possible way.


  • Sturdy built
  • Extended durability
  • Better sharpness of blades
  • Stainless steel made blades


  • The bottom is a little bit big


You will receive the perfect service from i. The price is budget-friendly, and the specifications are convincing compared to that. We liked the way the sharp blades dealt with ice, crashed within minutes!

[amazon fields=”B07VNN6SMD” value=”button”]

COSORI Blender for Frozen Drinks

[amazon fields=”B07VNPQ2NF” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

We all know how hard it is to blend frozen fruits, especially when you don’t have a blender with sharp and strong blades. This one has the sharpest blades ever.

The blades of this model are actually considered to be as sharp as razor blades. So now you can imagine how easily the tough ingredients can be blended with this powerful unit. Even ice cubes will be ground properly with this machine.

It offers a 1500W and 30000 RPM motor. It doesn’t matter what you make. You will always be the happiest by seeing its high performance.

So if you are a power preferring person, it can be the right choice for you. More importantly, all the grinding process requires a very little amount of time. The quickest service of this unit will save you valuable time.

How irritating would it be if the blender comes with a slippery handle that falls from hands and makes a nasty mess? Its handle is very friendly to you as it doesn’t slip from your hand easily.

Cleaning it also doesn’t create any mess. You won’t have to ruin the sunny mornings with the miserable headaches that come because of the noisy models, as it doesn’t make noise at all.

You don’t have to use warm water or any other strong ingredient for cleaning it. This unit comes with the self-cleaning process, and you can clean it easily within 30 to 60 seconds.

How does it sound? We know, impressive! All the specifications of this product are in your favor if you purchase this one.


  • Great sheerness
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides with powerful blending
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not durable enough


Decorate the sunny mornings with a big glass of smoothie and a big smile with this wonderful machine. It is safe and versatile enough so that you can make baby foods with this unit also. You can make your issues go away with this machine.

[amazon fields=”B07VNPQ2NF” value=”button”]

Homgeek Frozen Smoothie Maker

Homgeek Frozen Smoothie MakerWhen we held this product, our pick attention went to the built quality. It was so amazing that even a single touch can let you understand the quality of the material and its sturdiness.

This unit is built of BPA-free Tritan Pitcher. You will get extended durability without any breakage and leakage. This is undoubtedly the perfect use of your valuable money!

It’s renowned for enough strength and precise textures, which handles your food in a better way.

That means you will never lack the original flavor because of any existing bad chemical of the pitcher. If you are the one who seeks the true flavor always, this is the right choice for you.

Oftentimes, we notice that even though the blenders provide a lot of power to break down the ingredients, the nutrients don’t remain the same. But we didn’t notice the vanishing of nutrients in these models.

Instead, it kept every nutrient and vitamin-like before. You will get a maximum speed of 33000rpm, which helps in crushing everything quickly. Do you want to see the real versatility? Well, this unit serves four preset programs along with eight different speeds.

So we feel like if you put iron into it, it can crash that too, and you are talking about frozen fruits! Just kidding! It’s true that the presets and speed adjustability that it serves are unique and worth the compliment.


  • Amazing power
  • Four preset programs included
  • Eight different speed adjustability
  • Keeps the original flavor


  • Average durability


You will get amazing functionality from this machine. Alongside, the preset programs are incredible. You can adjust the speed for up to 8 levels. It feels like you can blend anything you put into it.

Best Smoothie Blender for Frozen Fruit – Buying Guide

Making regular smoothies is no big deal. But you definitely will face problems when you give a try to make with frozen fruits. That try may need a strong and perfect blender.

Now the question is which one is good for blending tough ingredients, and how can we choose the perfect one. If you take a few things and conditions in your mind, then you will get the best one ever. Here are a few of the majors:

Power of the Motor

The power of the motor is the first and foremost thing is to keep in mind before buying a blender for making smoothies with frozen fruits. An ordinary blender is enough for making smoothies with veggies or fresh fruits but in the case of frozen ingredients, it might struggle.

On the other hand, the blender with a powerful motor crushes ice or frozen ingredients in seconds without making a mess. So, if you want to make your smoothies smooth and perfect enough, which are made with frozen fruits, you need a blender that is formulated with a strong and powerful motor.

Anything more than 500 watts of power is enough but if you want to buy such a blender that crushes ice into snow then 1000 watts or more will be ideal. The powerful motor will help you to grind all the ingredients perfectly within seconds. So don’t compromise with power.

Quality of the Material 

Different material-made blenders are available on the market. Among them, plastic, glass, and steel are the most common material. You can choose any of them but you have to check the quality of the material.

If you are choosing one that is made with steel then don’t forget to check if it is made with stainless steel or not. The regular steel will irritate you again and again. On the other hand, BPA-free and high-quality stainless steel is safe for health and ensures no mixing of toxins with your food.

Similarly in the case of choosing a plastic-made blender be sure that it’s made of food-grade and strong plastic. Low-quality plastic spreads a bad smell that mixes with the food and it is dangerous for our health.

In the case of choosing a blender with a glass jar give priority to the quality of the glass. Lower-grade glass blenders aren’t safe for health and they shatter easily.

So, you can choose any of these materials-made blenders but don’t compromise with quality. All of the blenders we reviewed here are made of high-quality and BPA-free material.

The Capacity of the Jar

Blenders are available with various jar capacity so you can choose one according to your requirements. For single persons, there are single-serve jars. Similarly, there are family-size jars for family use. The 40-60 oz jars are ideal for family use.

We all know that frozen items are heavier than the regular stuff. To blend frozen fruits, you just need a blender that is capable of holding the weight of the fruits. Otherwise, you won’t be able to prepare plenty of juice at once. So, learn your requirement first then buy the best one.

Sharp blades

Blenders are available with different types and shapes of blades assembly. Usually, blender blades are made of stainless steel but they vary in size and shape. For effortless smooth blending, the sharpness of the blade is very important.

Chopping the frozen fruits won’t be that easy if you don’t have a blender with sharp and the strongest blades. Low-grade stainless steel blades may be broken while blending tough ingredients like ice or frozen fruits. It’s obvious that you should check the quality of the blades at least twice.

Ease of Use

There are many top-notch quality blenders in the market but all not all of them won the hearts of users because of their non-user-friendly design. Not only a blender but also any kitchen appliance must be easy to use.

Ease of use is super important for providing yourself comfort while making recipes with frozen fruits or ice. So, don’t forget to inquire if it is easy to use or not.

If you find a model that comes with ease of use, you should instantly buy that one because that will make the blending process much easier.

The Durability of the Blender

Who doesn’t want to own such a durable blender that will serve for years? The durability of any kitchen appliance mostly depends on the quality of the material. High-quality material-made blenders last longer compared to lower-grade material-made ones.

So, make sure that you are buying a blender that is made with good quality materials. If you don’t want to waste your money on the same product again and again then surely check the materials and warranty card to ensure that you are buying a durable one.

Individual Parts of the Blender

Every organ of the human body is important. Similarly, every spare part of a blender is important. So, before using it for the first time, check every part of it properly. Especially the electric cord properly. There may be a problem with the smallest part of the blender, so it’s better to check every part with proper attention.

Noise-free Operation

Usually, powerful blenders become a bit noisy but there are some models that offer noise-free operation. If you don’t find a blender made with noise-free built, you will be troubled with intolerable headaches. Moreover, a noisy blender can cause some serious trouble if you have a baby or elder person in your family.

Nothing can be as irritating as the irritation which the noise of the blender gives. So, finding a model that is noise-free is a must.

Ease of cleaning

Getting a blender that is easy to clean is so important. Because cleanliness is the prerequisite condition of your health, so you should look for ease of cleaning.

There are some blenders that come with a self-cleaning feature that offers hassle-free cleaning. Many blenders without a self-cleaning feature are also easy to clean. Grab a blender with or without a self-cleaning feature but easy to clean.

Warranty of the Blender

Warranty means security.This is a crucial factor to keep in mind before buying anything.  Try to buy a blender with a longer warranty period. You will get customer support from the manufacturer and even they will repair or replace your blender if necessary within the warranty period.


Many blenders use a huge amount of electricity. So you should check if it is capable of saving electricity or not. Otherwise, you will have to pay a lot more electricity bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blender for Smoothies with Frozen Fruit - FAQsIt’s common to have some queries before buying and even after buying a blender. I bet, you also have some. To back you, in this section, we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions and answered them based on our incise research and experience.

So keep reading to learn more and who knows you may get the answer you’re looking for.

Can a normal blender blend frozen fruits?

Yes, but it may struggle if it doesn’t have enough power. A blender with 500 watts of power can handle frozen fruits but having more power is an advantage. If you want your blender to blend frozen ingredients effortlessly then you should buy one with sharp blades. That one will definitely be good enough to blend frozen elements.

Should I thaw frozen fruit before making a smoothie?

The answer depends on how powerful your blender is! If it is super powerful, then you don’t have to thaw the frozen fruits before blending them. But if not, then you should let them thaw for a little while so that they will be easier to blend.

Should I look for a blender with sharp blades for making smoothies?

Yes, you need a blender constructed with a powerful motor and sharp blades to blend with frozen fruits. Otherwise, the fruits won’t be ground properly, and you won’t be able to make your smoothies. So you should find one with a powerful motor and sharp blade.


Here we go; we are done with our incredible picks on the best blender for making smoothies with frozen fruit. A glass full of tasty smoothies can boost up your mood in a while. So the preparation procedure matters a lot. Undoubtedly, in our expert opinion, you won’t regret it even a bit.

All the choices are worth every penny. If you look for quality and performance, the blenders that we have picked can provide you everything in one place. So buckle up and compare the choices with your requirements. Hopefully, thus you can make the perfect choice for yourself and thank us later.

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