How To Sterilize Mushroom Substrate With A Pressure Cooker?

Your mushroom cultivation’s quality and the healthy outcome will mostly depend on sterilization. Perfect sterilization of the mushroom substrate can make your cultivation free from any microorganisms to enjoy it in the best condition.

As the sterilization procedure vividly impacts the outcome, how can sterilizing mushroom substrate with a pressure cooker get the best outcome?

This procedure is like a piece of cake if you follow it correctly. The pressure cooker for mushrooms works like a savior in this regard, but you can manage to do it using other methods.

We have shared both the ways briefly in this guide. So, let’s move forward with the details!

Sterilize Mushroom Substrate with a Pressure Cooker

We have managed to make the whole sterilization procedure into a step-by-step process for you. Let’s get into the steps to start working!


For the first step, you have to work with sustained pressure because, under sustained pressure, the water and temperature will be just perfect for making the mushroom grow.

Then you have to check the cooker’s seal properly if there is any chance of wear or not.

If it doesn’t feature a rubber seal, you can skip this step. Make sure that you are using a stove capable of bearing your cooker’s weight.

Here’s a Pro Tip: The procedure needs to start with setting up the optimum temperature. We all know that water can only get hot in atmospheric pressure before turning into steam.

If you are trying to sterilize with a pot filled with boiling water, you won’t be successful!

In that case, your substrates won’t get warmer than 100° C ever. So do not attempt to do this in boiling water.


Now, fill your cooker with 1 inch or 2.5 cm of cold water and your mushroom substrates. It’s better to be in plastic bags. You will need enough water to cover the whole sterilization process.

Close the lid set the temperature to maximum, and let the cooker pressure itself up. This step can take a longer period than other ones. The duration depends on the size of your cooker.


When the pressure will go on 15 psi, let it remain in that phase for 45 minutes.


Once the cooker can overcome the force of weight, the steam will be released. Leave it at the max temperature for another minute.

After one minute, change the temperature to medium or low. You need to create enough heat so that the steam can hardly move the weight.


After a few whiles, you can shut the stove off and walk away when the time is up. It will be hard to deal with the substrate for a moment because it will be way too hot.

There is no need to rush into things and pull the bags out. You have to wait for at least one hour anyway.


Once you find your cooker cool enough, you can pull the bags out, and the next thing you will find, the job is done.

These few steps will make your sterilization process done most safely.

How Long does it Take to Sterilize Mushrooms in a Pressure Cooker?

It will take 15 to 70 minutes. But mostly, the duration depends on your substrates and pressure cooker. So the first and foremost thing is to need the best pressure cooker for sterilization.

Many poor-quality units can’t sterilize in that short period. The quantity of your substrates also matters.

If you want to put more quantity, it will take more time. However, you will get your substrates ready in 70 minutes on average, depending on those things.

But you have to give enough time to get cooler to pull the bags out and do your next procedure. It will take 1 hour at least to get cool.

Is Using a Pressure Cooker for Sterilizing Healthy?

The answer is undoubted, yes, and it’s certified by experts. This is the easiest and the safest method of disinfecting your substrates.

It kills all the bacteria and harmful components from the substrate with heat and pressure. So your mushroom comes out all fresh and healthy.

This is the most convenient way to choose, especially when cultivating at home.

Not only for mushrooms, but these units are also used for pickles, fruits, vegetables, and fish-meat sterilization for long time storage.

So without any second thought, this is known to be the safest and healthiest option for sterilization.

If you don’t go with a pressure cooker, you have to go with the other disinfecting methods. Those methods are traditional. Experts say those aren’t as safe as this method.

So you can’t expect the same effectiveness from those methods promised by this one. Moreover, it doesn’t include any harmful chemicals or ingredients in the sterilization process.

So this method is much better than applying old traditional methods because it’s 100% safe.


Sterilizing may seem like a tough job. But that isn’t that tough when you use a pressure cooker and follow the proper steps.

Hopefully, our given steps on sterilizing mushroom substrate with a pressure cooker have been helpful to you entirely. The procedure is simple if you follow it wisely.

There are also other sterilizing methods, but our recommendation is to follow the sterilization process that includes a pressure cooker because it ensures safety and effectiveness. So choose wisely and get your perfect cultivation done properly!

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