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9 Best Alternatives You Can Use Instead Of A Food Processor

What Can I Use Instead of a Food Processor
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Who doesn’t love fresh and healthy homemade foods? Surely, everyone loves. You have a lot of tasks to do for making these healthy and delicious dishes.

Slicing the fruits, mixing all the ingredients, mincing the meat is quite a tedious job. If you own a food processor, doing these tasks is just a matter of time.

But if you don’t have one then there is no surprise asking, what can I use instead of a food processor?  There are several effective alternate tools and methods. Want to know what are they? Just go on…

Best Alternatives to Food Processor

The food processor is one of the most widely used kitchen appliances. You can use this to slice, chop, mince, shred and so more. It can handle even the toughest ingredients. So, you can call it “many-into-one”.

If you don’t have one, you might skip some recipes that require you to use one. But you don’t need to skip all the recipes.

There are several tools and techniques you can use instead of a food processor. You can achieve the same result with the use of a few simple tools or methods.

Well, let’s go for the details about these tools and techniques.


BlenderThe Blender is the most common and effective replacement for a food processor. A blender can do almost all the tasks except kneading dough.

Kneading dough is a major function of a food processor. Unfortunately, you cannot use a blender for doing this. Except for this one, you can use a blender for pureeing fruits and vegetables, mincing meat, making smoothies, beverages and so more.

The blades of a blender aren’t as sharp as a food processor. The blades might not pulverize the ingredients like a food processor usually does. So, in order to achieve similar consistency, you may need to change the settings a little.

Most blenders usually have three-speed settings low, medium, and high. Others can have more than that. Many have a pulse button to find the exact texture you’re looking for.

If you want to puree the ingredients then use the highest power setting. Similarly, it’s better to use the slowest setting to chop something. Most importantly, use the pulse button until it reaches the right consistency.

A blender might not handle the same amount of ingredients at a time that a food processor would. Don’t put many ingredients at a time in the jar of a blender.

What will happen if you put too many ingredients in a blender? You may find that the food at the top might not have the same texture as the food at the bottom. So, in the case of making large batches, it’s recommended not to put your all ingredients at a time

With a little patience and practice, you will be able to find the consistency of a food processor with a good blender.


MixerNo food processor or blender?  Another option is a stand or hand mixer.

The mixer is a useful substitute and it’s very simple to use. Put the ingredients in a bowl then mix with a mixer until you find the texture you’re looking for.

You can use either a hand or a stand mixer for making several recipes. A mixer is enough for making green juice, tomato sauce, pizza dough, soup, and so more.

The mixer can whip the combinations of flour, butter, milk in a perfect texture. Also, you can mix the solids and liquids.

The mixers come in simple and many designs. Both the manual and electric mixers are available on the market. So, it’s very easy to find the one that meets your requirements.

Are you looking for one that performs maximum with minimum effort within a short period of time? If so, electric mixers will be best for you. You can do the same job with a manual mixer though it’s time-consuming.

The mixers are very compact in size so they can save you a lot of storage space.


No food processor, no blender not even a stand or hand mixer? Your next option is a grinder.

The grinder is very useful in chopping coffee beans, nuts, grains, spices, and so more. You can rely on a grinder to chop, grind, cut, mash, and crush the different food items.

Similar to mixers, the grinders also come in many designs. So, everyone can pick the best one that meets their needs.

When it comes to the substitutes to a food processor, probably mincing meat is the most important one. There are some specialized models for mincing meats and grinding nuts.

Usually, the grinders are strong enough to grind and smash your foods consistently. It can turn your foods into fine powder like flour or sticky pulps like rice depending on what you want. You just need to make it in small batches.

The grinders are easy to use. Put the ingredients you want to grind then pulse it until it reaches the consistency you’re looking for.

Grinders are heavier compared to blenders and mixers. So, you might keep it in a place that is convenient for regular use. Ensure that you clean it before and after use.

Food Chopper

Food ChopperThe food chopper is nothing compared to a food processor. But when it comes to chopping only, a chopper will be a good option.

Though a food processor makes things easier but a chopper can do the chopping job nicely. Moreover, it’s a bit of a drag to set it up all the time for chopping only.

Chopping is just one function of a food processor. On the other hand, this is the only thing a chopper does.

The food chopper is smaller in size. Even it’s smaller than the smallest of a food processor. So, you can store it anywhere you want.

Moreover, it comes with a simple mechanism and is designed without any complex parts. It’s very easy to operate. Just take off the lid and put the foods you want to chop then let it chop as required.

Remember, you cannot use a food chopper for blending or slicing. But if all you want to do is chopping, the food chopper would be a great option.

Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and PestleIf none of the above-mentioned options are available to you for some reason, what will you do? You can use a mortar and pestle as an alternative.

Mortar and pestle have been used since ancient times. Earlier, they were very popular in the Asian regions. Nowadays they are similarly popular in Europe.

It’s very easy to use. Put the ingredients into the mortar then do the job with the pestle.

People use them for grinding various food items. Though it might not be a permanent solution, still it’s an effective alternative. The main drawback of mortar and pestle is it takes a lot of time.


Grater Alternate to a Food ProcessorThere is not a single item that can replace a food processor completely. Like the previously mentioned items, the grater could be an alternative to some extent.

A grater does multiple tasks. You can shred vegetables like carrots, potatoes, ginger, and so more. If you want to make baby foods with fruits or veggies then a grater could help you a lot.

Do you love to eat salads? A grater is enough for making perfect salads. The graters are available in a wide variety of models. Some of them come with several designs of holes that offer several ways of chopping fruits and vegetables.

Be very careful when handling a grater. Otherwise, you can injure yourself while sliding the food back and forth over the holes in the grater.

In the case of shredding or sliding a food processor is a fantastic tool. You can reach that consistency with the use of a large grater. But it consumes a lot of time.

Cook Until Soft

Pureeing your food is a major function of a food processor. You can get similar results by cooking your food for a long. This method is effective but you need to have patience.

There is no complexity in this method. You just keep cooking your food until it’s falling apart. This method is very effective in making tomato sauce.

When it seems that the ingredients are falling apart into pieces then smash them with a potato masher. Also, you can use a fork for smashing your food.

This method isn’t for cutting or chopping food items. Rather, this is ideal for pureeing.

Rolling Pin and Plastic Bag

This method is very effective when you want to crush something but you don’t have any of the above-discussed options.

Its working principle is straightforward, so everyone can use this method. This is an effective way to crush or break down chips, chickpeas, and cookies.

The plastic bag has to be resealable. So, you can close it after putting your food in it. If the bag leaks, the foods might squeeze out resulting in a big mess. Surely, you don’t want to create a mess.

To apply this method all you need to follow some simple steps. Put the foods inside the plastic bag and seal it then roll the pin back and forth on the bag. Ensure that the surface is smooth and sturdy.

You might find some stubborn pieces. In that case, hit them with the flat portion of the rolling pin on these pieces. Keep applying this until it reaches uniform consistency.

Manual Chopping and Slicing

Knofe set for Manual Chopping and SlicingIf you have none of the above-mentioned options for some reason or you aren’t interested to use them, what will you do? In this case, there is no better option than your hands.

If you want to chop or slice your foods and you don’t have other options then you can use knives. Moreover, knives are one of the most commonly used items in the kitchen.

Manual chopping or slicing takes much time compared to the above-mentioned kitchen appliances. You can easily chop or slice the fruits, vegetables, and meats with a knife. But there is no scope of making a puree with a knife.

Place the foods on a chopping board you want to chop. It’s better to cut the large pieces of food into smaller parts first. Then chop them as required. Be very careful when working with a sharp knife. Otherwise, you can cut your fingers.


Every piece of kitchen appliance is dedicated to doing something special. You will not find the exact replacement for a kitchen appliance like a food processor. That’s why; we recommended the most possible similar items and methods for ideal solutions.

Hopefully, our guide was helpful for you and by now you know what you can use instead of a food processor. For sure, these items or methods will improve efficiency and minimize your manual labor.

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