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Best Container For Kimchi In 2022 (Top 10 Picks)

Best Container for Kimchi
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People are crazy about kimchi all around the globe. For sure you can name many people who don’t like kimchi but probably you can’t find a single person whose kimchi didn’t get stinky ever. It could happen due to several reasons but the use of inappropriate containers is one of them.

Sorry for that if the same thing happened to you. Say goodbye to this problem by using the best container for kimchi. You’ve got a new problem now, which container would be the best one? You’ve nothing to worry about it, to back you we are here with the top 10 market-leading kimchi fermentation containers.

This blog post contains 360 reviews of these products, a buying guide, answers to a few frequently asked questions, and finally the conclusion. So it would be a complete guideline for you. No more delay let’s forward together.

How did we choose our product?

As this isn’t possible for us to use hundreds of same products so while selecting the products we always go through a process. Before going to that let me inform you that we have a group of experts who have years of experience in this field.

At first, our experts carry out extensive research on hundreds of products then we make a shortlist of 20 products. Secondly, they collect data on what the actual users comment on different websites. Thirdly, they note the information that the manufacturer provides.

Finally, they combine all these data in an excel sheet. I guess you already understood what we do next. Do you know why we make this process a rule? Because we never want you to buy the wrong product.

A Quick Comparison Chart of  Top 5 Kimchi Containers!

10 Best Containers for Kimchi – Reviews

The manufacturers never mention the shortcomings of their products. As we aren’t one of them so we have no problems disclosing them. So in this review section, we will talk about every aspect of each of these products one by one. If you don’t want to miss it then stay with us.

Easy Fermenter Wide Mouth Lid Kit

This is one of the best jars that offers simplified fermenting. It is designed to be air-tight to seal things in and still imitates well the gases out. The trade will be beneficial for you to nourish stored food.

The best durable thick plastic formation makes it a leak-proof gasket. You can’t compare the quality with any other product at the same price range. Outgoing manual use will be easier as detailed e-books and video guides are included with the package.

It also has a built-in date settler for better track of the tasting cycle. You might get interested when you get to know that an oxygen extractor is included with the package. The lightweight call it to be easy to move and use.


  • Schedule your storage time frame with the date tracker.
  • The storage includes an extractor pump in the bundle.
  • Easy release tab available for your jammed lids issues.
  • User instruction guidelines are attached for easy follow-up.


  • It is not recommended to wash in a dishwasher.


If you are interested in a high-value container for your need then I will insist you consider this one. Being not dishwasher safe should not be an issue. Easy to get hands in and not the infinite time needed for cleaning.

Kenley Fermentation Crock

Kenley is one of the best names in the business when it comes to kimchi fermentation containers. It has all the wings that you might need to store your healthy kimchi. At the lid, you will spot a curvy design hole. It is also following a critical rule on the storage function.

The design is made to pin out the gases but doesn’t take in any air. Based on this point, you can easily say that it is going to perfectly preserve the flavor and taste of the kimchi for a long space-time. High-grade ceramic meets the body coating and makes it food-safe.

5 litter storage capacity with more than 3.5 litter vegetable margins on the queue. Every part you get a hand on is made up of 100% natural materials. So, there is no mobile chance to get the artificial flavor in your food after storage.


  • The lid of the jar is designed to preserve fresh kimchi.
  • 1.3 gallons jar keeps your kimchi ready to eat for a long time.
  • It is rewarding to have oxidation and bad taste prevention on your jar.
  • Display of zero additives on touch for years.


  • Kinley doesn’t sell lids separately so be careful at use.


You are going to stun by the quality that you are going to get on Kinley Fermentation Crock. Just don’t throw things here and there rather than use them safely. Lids can’t be replaced but don’t need to worry much as they have thick build quality.

Humble House Fermentation Crock 

Humble House SAUERKROCK Fermentation Crock has designed a German-style water-sealed premium container. Your desire to get traditional in this modern time will be fulfilled by this crock. The part of the jar is 10 inches in width and 12 inches in length.

You can administrate well with this SAUERKROCK if you are a family of 2-4 persons. In the case of a larger family, you need to go for the double purchase deal. Two glazed heavy ceramic and a solid wood Cabbage Temper comes together on the package.

Safety from dust and dirt has been ensured by the airtight design. The lead and cadmium-free promise gives you relief at the requirement of cleaning. Customized lightweight design makes it easier for you to lift the jars at need.


  •  This unit allows easy fermentation procedure at hand.
  • It gives versatility to your desire.
  • Safe and durable for an extended period of use.
  • The rich flavor and taste of your kimchi remain intact for a long time.


  • High maintenance is needed otherwise it can be subject to bacteria.


Humble House SAUERKROCK 1.3 Gallon is an excellent container for you to have at your side. It has easy to clean procedure to your need. Even for regular cleaning, you are not going to face much of a hassle. Safely follow the steps and enjoy your fresh kimchi all year round.

Seeutek Fermentation Crock

Seeutek is a great brand of choice for your crock requirement. It will turn the page as a fine deal for your kimchi storage. Besides storing kimchi, you can also approach pickles, vegetables, kombucha, and others for storage.

Act back to the old traditional way and still have all the fun of the modern era. You can seriously consider the jar for your need if you want to taste flavored kimchi all year round. Hard ceramic materials are used in the interior and surface body.

Lead and cadmium-free functionality makes it better quality at hand when it comes to cleaning terms. The look of the design is also meant for you to have less maintenance needed. Experts recommend always going for hand wash for this type of product.


  • This unit allows better gas release function and still keeps it airtight.
  • Matches well as your need for easy to clean container.
  • Durable build quality makes it the perfect choice for any home.
  • It is perfect to enjoy the year-round flavor of sessional veg kimchi.


  • You need to often refill because of the shallow design of the trough.


I can insist that Seeutek Fermentation Crock can be the right choice for any household. You can share the refill issue with other members of your family. Face it as a team and things will get easier for you.

1 Gallon Glass Jar with Airtight Lid – Pack of 2

Our next product is a pack of two 1-gallon glass jars that come with an airtight lid. The package also includes 7 rubber bands and two muslin cloth sheet which is 12 by 12 inches. There will be no attachment of rust on the lids as it is not made of steel metal like the others.

You can unlock all your fermentation needs from it and also keep the bugs out of your kimchi. If you are new at kimchi storing, then as a beginner it can give you fun to use. It can secure up to 350 Fahrenheit of temperature at ease so pour your hot kimchi at total protection.

This course is going to save you the cooling time that you often need in other containers and enjoy the perfect brew, ferment, or storage facility at any ask. Extra seals are available if you need any replacement and total leak-proof protection on your lids.


  • The jar is easy to clean and has no corrosion build-up issue.
  • It is a certified food-safe jar.
  • Sturdy build quality is the answer for your extended period of service asks.
  • The double pack has a transparent view.


  • Each jar has less space compared to others on the list.


2 packs – 1 gallon each can pay you well as your kimchi premium storage. Space might say to be less in each but two-pack together is significant for different flavor kimchi storage. Still, you are getting them at the affordable price range.

E-Jen Premium Kimchi Fermentation Container  

The next product we’re going to talk about is the E-Jen premium fermentation container. Organizing the jar is pretty straightforward here which makes it easy to use. Ancient Korean and modern tech is rolling together to keep your kimchi delicious for a long time.

Due to the high-end polypropylene plastic build, the product is ideal for your storage and fermentation choice. The design introduces an inner pressing plate that can be adjusted to control the air input. These things are very significant for lactobacillus build-up inside the jar.

The number of the lid is two which is meant to give you double bad odor protection. You can entitle the pot to be your companion to have a fresh smell to your kimchi at all times. This whole unit is dishwasher safe so no hassle in cleaning.


  • All the build material is BPA, DEHP, and lid-free.
  • E-Jen is entirely stated as dishwasher and freezer safe.
  • It will keep your kimchi healthy without much of a hassle.
  • Enjoy traditional methods of storage in modern tech.


  • Kimchi tastes good but with time the smell pours out.


You can believe in E-Jen storage for kimchi and it will carry further. The problem of the smell out can be spilled over by adding some new fresh greens. I hope it will not violate your taste buds.

Crazy Korean Cooking Kimchi Container (6.4L)

Within a few years of business, Crazy Korean Cooking has been the name of American household for kimchi storage leader. The sandy brown looks of this jar look like an upgrade to your life. Ancient Onggi principle of storage has been used here.

It serves well with the modern method to keep your stored kimchi fresh for a long time. Adjust the inner vacuum lid at the demand and get profited by staying out of quick decomposition.

Most high-quality polypropylene plastic settles with 1/10th of natural clay to customize a good product for you.


  • Serve well when it comes to easy handling and cleaning.
  • It gives better smell preservation for your kimchi.
  • Up to 284 degrees Fahrenheit can be handled easily.
  • It is made of FDA-approved materials.


  • It is a little bit expensive.


Crazy Korean Cooking doubles the quality. Price trouble should not be your priority when you are looking for the best. Figure out the need and call for the right one.

Crazy Korean Fermentation Container (8.5 L) 

Another one from Crazy Korean Cooking, you can see it as the big brother of the previous one. The size is almost double and is mean to the sale for a large family. If you are living in a joint family and love kimchi then you can shop it out for yourself.

The mixer of chief-grade plastic and natural ingredients comes together to build a quality product. Even on regular activity, it is going to serve you a long time without curving any quality from your fermented foods.

The inner section is specially designed to beat the decomposition process and boss the way to give you fresh kimchi at every ask. If you have the habit of eating kimchi on a regular basis then you are going to enjoy a thrilling experience from it.


  • It keeps food fresh for a longer period of time.
  • This unit is tough enough to take on a microwave without lids.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • Durable


  • Not so good at keeping the odor out.


This unit has no shortage of quality as kimchi storage. The odor issue can also be tackled by regular cleaning which is not that hard too.

Kitchentoolz 2 Pack – 1 Gallon Mason Jar

Kitchentoolz is estimated to have a large share of the kimchi storage market. They have gained the position with their best-sized mason jar for two people. Food content of any type can go for pickling, storing, and canning on this mason jar.

The plastic lid foam sells for easy to twist function and is entirely made in the USA. Your plan to get a dishwasher-safe jar will be fulfilled with this one. As they are almost like the regular jar, you can also use them for your dry food storage if needed.

The building security has been provided by BPA-free protection. Metal domination on lids can come to an end as plastic leads are more effective against corrosion. Each pack is 10 inches in length and 4 inches in width. Include it in your order list if you find it the right choice.


  • The airtight design of the jar is made up of white polypropylene.
  • Easy functioning makes it competitive for the market.
  • It has a thick and durable wall to preserve things well.


  • Leakage can show up at careless uses.


It is a fair call to name it one of the top-class glass jars. You just need to be a little careful at use and you will be safe from any issues regarding leakage.

Stainless Steel Rectangular Seal Container

Our last product is stainless steel storage and fermentation container that will serve you well in the long run. It has an airtight design and leak-proof functionality make it a great choice as a rectangular container. Foods will not get stuck and thus make the cleaning process easier.

No ground plastic is used which contributes well to the environmental cause. The strong lid returns well bad odor from this box. Overall, the eco-friendly box is revealed to be your best companion as a safe jar for kimchi as well as food storage.


  • This unit has a silicon-sealed body of stainless steel.
  • There is no leaking in the kimchi smell.
  • The maintenance work of this unit is pretty straightforward.


  • A thin wall makes it easier to lose heat.


There is no doubt that rectangular kimchi containers serve well on their task. I will recommend it to use it for room temperature foods as heat easily gets released from the containment.

Best Kimchi Fermentation Container – Buying Guide

You have already witnessed some of the best containers. It is time for you to make a choice but still need some wind of guide for the best pick. Well, take your time and know more about what you really need.

Build Quality

No one wants to get a hand on the product for short time. To secure this point, you need to go for a sturdy build quality fermentation container. Durable high-quality plastic, stainless steel, and plastic are the most common name here. Try to keep long-distance from cheap build quality product.

Easy Maintenance

For your ask of easy maintenance, you should walk with a dishwasher-safe container. Besides, a hand wash container can also be great if you can easily reach the bottom. Quality should always be your priority above everything else.

Design and Technology

Most of the containers that are mentioned here combine with old traditional methods and modern tech. They are known to provide a better anaerobic environment and ensure healthier food at all times. A special lid design is preferred so that gas can easily leak out and still keep the jar airtight.

Size of the Container

Kimchi container is mostly compatible for 2-4 people in need. If you need more then you might move for a double purchase. There are bigger options too on the market. It all depends on your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can kimchi be stored in a plastic container?

Plastic is the most commonly used material for kimchi containers. You can store kimchi on it but it is better if it is made of high-end durable plastic. It will work better in the preservation of your kimchi or any other food.

What is the best way to store kimchi?

Try to submerge all the ingredients in brine. Attract no air inside and make sure it has airtight lids. Still, there needs to be some space through which gases can curve out. Make sure to limit the opening too.

Why does my kimchi smell so bad?

Kimchi needs to have good bacteria growth for a good smell. Inside the container, there needs to be an anaerobic environment otherwise bad smells started to grow. So, it might be the reason for the bad smell of your kimchi.

How do I get rid of the kimchi smell?

You need to make a solution of water and baking soda. Leave the solution at the present place of bad odor and let it soak. Within a short time frame, you will get rid of the bad kimchi smell from your side.

How long to ferment kimchi at room temperature?

The kimchi fermentation process is lengthy at room temperature. The undergoing procedure can operate for up to 1-2 days for high-quality kimchi on serve. You might hand to a more prolonged time frame in case of refrigerator use on fermenting kimchi.

How do you remove kimchi stains?

Strong kimchi stains can be hatched out by your kitchen detergent or vinegar. But if the stains are smaller and not that strong, then onions can also do the trick for you.

Final Words

Things get harder when you have lots of best containers for the kimchi option in hand. Knocking at the right one seems tricky. Hopefully, by now you’ve made your choice.

If you ask me I will suggest the Kenley Fermentation Crock. If you are a fan of any other brand then please don’t get offended. Pick the right deal and enjoy delicious kimchi at every serve. We often come with new information so don’t forget to weave back to our nest.

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